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Science of Parenthood: An Unscientific Review

by Jane Wangersky September 25th, 2015| Product reviews, Teens
This is a book for times when you’re feeling a little (or more than a little) cynical about parenthood, and you’re looking to get a couple laughs out of it, because deriving any other benefits seems out of reach. You could say it’s a quick read -- despite its
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Fatherhood In a Box

by Ronald A. Rowe June 11th, 2014| Elementary, Product reviews

Today’s dads are working harder than ever to be good fathers to our children.  According to Pew Research, 63% of fathers say being a good dad is harder now than it was a generation ago.  We all want to do the right thing but trying to strike the

Disney Pooh Flush ‘N Sounds Potty

by T Akery March 29th, 2012| Infants/Toddlers, Product reviews
The First Years Disney Pooh Flush 'N Sounds Potty is a training potty for toddlers. It features the characters of the Hundred Acre Woods on the back. The chair comes in blue, but you can also find it in yellow. Depending on the store, it can run around thirty

Tinker Bell Sleeping Bag

by T Akery March 14th, 2012| Preschool, Product reviews
The Tinker Bell Sleeping Bag was a purchase made for a sleepover party. It came with a case in which you can roll it up. On it is a picture of Tinkerbell in vivid colors, with the back of the bag in more or less neon green. It is

Disney Activity Table and 2 Chairs Set

by T Akery March 1st, 2012| Preschool, Product reviews
A kid's table is considered a necessity in some families. It is a place where kids can have their own space to create, play, or grab a snack. With two chairs, they can share with a friend or another sibling. The Disney Activity Table is the one table among

Melissa and Doug Easel

by T Akery February 16th, 2012| Preschool, Product reviews
The Melissa and Doug Easel is a station where children can express their creativity. There are two sides, a white board and chalk board. It also comes with a roller on which a roll of paper can be placed and colorful trays on both sides.  (Photo shows a similar

Disney Princess Soft EVA Play Mat 4 X 4

by T Akery February 2nd, 2012| Preschool, Product reviews
The Disney Princess Soft EVA Play Mat is an option for kids to play on. The challenge for them starts when they have to put it together. It comes with 16 squares and numerous border pieces. Since it is a puzzle, it is meant for kids to assemble, which

Fisher Price Dora Fiesta Favorites Kitchen

by T Akery January 16th, 2012| Product reviews
For kids who love Dora, the Dora Fiesta Favorites Kitchen from Fisher Price is really the only kitchen they need. This kitchen is all about Dora and speaks both English and rudimentary Spanish. Most 2- to 3-year-olds will get a kick out of cooking food with Dora.

The kitchen is

Color Me Playhouse

by T Akery January 4th, 2012| Product reviews
The Color Me Playhouse combines the idea of playing in a cardboard box with a child's love of coloring. Basically, it is a big cardboard box with a house design on the outside that kids can color and play in depending on their whim.

The Playhouse comes in a flat

The Nook

by T Akery December 19th, 2011| Product reviews
The Nook is a handheld book reader device that offers a lot of different features. Since this site is about kids, this review is for the applications that kids would find interesting. However, it is not something that your kids should play with unsupervised unless they are mature and

Homestyle Kitchen

by T Akery December 7th, 2011| Product reviews
The Homestyle Kitchen may seem like one of the must have Christmas gifts for toddlers. It is a kitchen that they can play in. But, its flat packing and picture design don't exactly prepare you for what is hidden in the box. If you are planning on getting this

LeapFrog Tag Reading System

by T Akery November 23rd, 2011| Product reviews
The LeapFrog Tag Reading System is one of those toys designed to get your child to read. It is made to resemble a fat pen that your child can hold. As your child drags the pen over the words, it will read them out loud. It does come with