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Showing Encouragement During the Toddler & Preschool Years

by YPI Editors October 18th, 2016| Communication, Communication, Infants/Toddlers, Preschool
So much of parenting is a balancing act. Make sure they're well cared for but not overindulged. Comfort them when they're afraid, but also teach them to comfort themselves. The list could go on, but the point has been made. It's a matter of finding moderation in most aspects of

Everyone Has Emotions Even Preschoolers

by Tania Cowling August 9th, 2016| Communication, Preschool
It’s a parent’s job to reassure your child that all of his/her feelings and emotions are valid. Create a sharing time during the day to help your preschooler talk about her feelings. Try to choose a quiet time each day when your youngster is settled and less distracted, perhaps during