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Five Facts Your Teen May Not Know About Bike Safety

by Jane Wangersky August 26th, 2016| Safety, Teens
Parents may breathe a sigh of relief when their teens decide to bike somewhere instead of driving -- after all, it’s healthier, it doesn’t use up gasoline, and teens probably have a lot more experience with it. You’ve probably made sure they know basic bike safety and traffic rules. But

3 Hot Spots Where Teens Should Be Careful

by Jane Wangersky July 29th, 2016| Safety, Teens
Staying safe in the heat of summer is easier for some than others, but it’s still something everyone has to think about. Though teens aren’t as vulnerable to heat-related illness as children and seniors, there are a few situations they’re likely to find themselves in that expose them to danger

Teen Safety on the Job: The Laws

by Jane Wangersky April 22nd, 2016| Safety, Teens
Last summer, I got a call from the temp agency my son had signed up with -- they had just then realized he was under 18. That was okay, as long as I sent in a note saying he had my permission to work. But it goes to show that
iphone find my phone

Phone Tracking: Teen’s Perspective

by Sam P. March 4th, 2016| Safety, Teens
Within this crazed technology filled generation, our lives are often consumed with the technological privileges that are commonly looked over.  Phone tracking is one of these things.  There has been quite a bit of hubbub lately about Apple and their terms of service and information that they can track or

6 Things Teens Need to Know About Winter Driving

by Jane Wangersky January 15th, 2016| Safety, Teens
How are your teen’s winter driving skills? Teenslearntodrive.com notes that with summer break seeming like the natural time for teens to take their road tests, many of them get licenses without ever driving in winter conditions. So maybe it’s time to make sure (in a low key way)
girls sunning (400x400)

Teen’s Perspective on Sun Protection

by Sam P. July 10th, 2015| Safety, Teens

We all want that perfect summer tan, but we don't want to burn.  So many girls opt to go tanning in booths instead of being patient and letting the sun do its thing.  This is not how to get the perfect golden tan. 

teen driving (400x400)

Teens: One More Thing Not to Do While Driving

by Jane Wangersky May 8th, 2015| Safety, Teens
Your teen probably knows better than to text, email, or dial a phone while driving, but they may not know that other activities with electronics are just as dangerous.  (You may not have known it yourself.) For example, if they have a smart watch, such as the new Apple
teen driving (400x400)

Teens: 3 Things You Didn’t Know Could Impair You

by Jane Wangersky March 27th, 2015| Safety, Teens
Everyone, parents and teens, knows that driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs -- even over-the-counter drugs -- is risky. But there are other ordinary issues and activities that can also impair someone to the point where they shouldn’t operate a vehicle. Parents may not be any more
woman in airport (400x400)

Being Safe This Spring Break

by Sam P. March 6th, 2015| Safety, Teens
As spring break quickly approaches, there are several things you need to remember, for starters don’t talk to strangers. You may think I’m joking, but I am not. In modern times there are so many ways for people to find out information about you, all they need is your name.
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Get Your Teen’s Attention on Winter Safety

by Jane Wangersky January 30th, 2015| Safety, Teens
If you have a teen, you’ve probably done some worrying about him or her this winter. After all, teens are not typically the most careful members of the family. But you can’t be with them all the time, so you try to pass on what you’ve learned about staying
teen crying (400x400)

How Do You Deal With the Unexpected?

by Jennifer S. Rowe January 2nd, 2015| Safety, Teens
When it comes to teenagers, I think we can all agree that there are some behaviors that are universal and we can certainly all relate to. Once you have a teen son or daughter, believe me, you know it! Mood changes, body changes, peer pressure and a plethora of
boy smoking (400x400)

Hookah Pens From a Teen’s Perspective

by Sam P. December 12th, 2014| Safety, Teens
For those of you who do not know, a "hookah pen" or "vape pen" is essentially an electronic cigarette without tobacco, nicotine, or any of the other harmful products found more commonly in e-cigarettes or regular cigarettes.  Unlike a typical cigarette, vape pens produce an aerosol mist that is often