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Protect Your Child From Zoonotic Diseases

by Tania Cowling April 22nd, 2024| Preschool, Safety

Did you know that your pet might cause your child to get sick? Are you aware of zoonotic diseases that are transmitted from animals to humans? These maladies range from bacteria to viruses and internal and external

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4 Ways To Help Preschoolers Eat Food Safely

by Marnie Bii September 25th, 2023| Preschool, Safety
As kids reach their preschool years, they have the teeth and ability required to chew up their food into smaller pieces before swallowing. Kids also develop stronger tongue muscles for increased dexterity needed to push food into range of their teeth. As a result, you can start introducing foods
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How to Protect Your Preschooler From the Sun

by Jessica B. July 18th, 2023| Preschool, Safety
In some ways it can be trickier to protect your preschooler from the sun than your little one, because they have a bit more independence. Here are a few tips to make sure your preschooler takes sun safety seriously so that you can all work together to make sure
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The Hazard of Heat This Summer

by Tania Cowling July 27th, 2020| Preschool, Safety
The sun is shining, the temperature is soaring, and you are sweating. This sounds like you have to be indoors in the AC, but not really. With a little common sense and forethought you can be outdoors enjoying your summer and still keep your kids safe from the elements. Here

The Most Common Pediatrician Mistakes

by Editorial Team April 19th, 2017| Elementary, Preschool, Safety, Safety
As a parent, having to experience the fear involved with a child experiencing an illness or injury is one of the most uncomfortable and unfortunate feelings. In most cases, however, highly-trained and caring pediatricians are available to ease the concern, no matter how serious or acute the child’s medical condition

Preschoolers Riding Bicycles: Tips for Parents

by Tania Cowling August 23rd, 2016| Preschool, Safety
Has your preschooler transitioned from training wheels to traditional bicycle riding? While bike riding is a healthy activity, it does hold risks. Unfortunately, too many children end up in the emergency room due to bicycle related injuries. Safety is a priority and parents should heed this advice by the U.S.

Making Safe Decisions

by Joe Lawrence March 1st, 2016| Preschool, Safety
Parents are constantly thinking about the safety of their children and about what is best for the family. Something I have always wondered is about whether the decisions my wife and I make are the best. Lately, I stumbled across a process that helps me sleep a little better after

7 Tips for Safe Crafting With Preschoolers

by Marnie Bii January 12th, 2016| Preschool, Safety
Preschoolers are just starting to develop the skills they need to complete complex craft projects. They are learning how to cut paper, apply glue, secure with tape and draw to the best of their abilities. The crafting process should always give kids a chance to hone their skills without exposing
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Making Safe Choices for our Children

by Joe Lawrence November 3rd, 2015| Preschool, Safety
When it comes to our children, the first thing we often think about is safety. Most of the articles we read and most of the toys we buy have our child’s safety in mind. We are a very safety oriented generation. How do we draw the line on what
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2 Summer Safety Concerns for Preschoolers

by Joe Lawrence July 7th, 2015| Preschool, Safety

Summer is officially here, and there are many fun and exciting things to do before school starts up again. There are a couple of safety concerns that we need to consider prior to embarking on some family leisure time together.

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4 Tips Finding Your Preschooler if Separated

by Joe Lawrence April 28th, 2015| Preschool, Safety
It is funny how safe we are as parents. The first thing that crosses our minds is the safety of our children before they embark on some new task or adventure. This has certainly been at the top of my mind while planning our future vacation.

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Car Seat Safety for Preschoolers

by Tania Cowling March 10th, 2015| Preschool, Safety
Just because your child is not a baby any longer doesn’t mean they don’t have to be strapped properly in a car seat when on the road. Advocates are pushing for new laws because young children are too small to be held in place properly when only buckled into