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7 Tips for Safe Crafting With Preschoolers

by Marnie Bii | January 12th, 2016 | Preschool, Safety

crayonsPreschoolers are just starting to develop the skills they need to complete complex craft projects. They are learning how to cut paper, apply glue, secure with tape and draw to the best of their abilities. The crafting process should always give kids a chance to hone their skills without exposing them to unnecessary risk. Here are seven tips you can use to ensure the success and safety of your preschoolers during each craft project.

Examine Tools and Supplies

Before calling your kids to the craft table, take a minute to inspect all of the tools, materials and other supplies for hazards. All of the items should be in good condition and ready for use by eager preschoolers.

Choose Non Toxic Products

Whenever you go shopping for new craft materials, take the time to read the label and find non-toxic items. There are plenty of safe adhesives, paints and other supplies for kids to use that it is not worth the risk in using toxic variants. If you cannot avoid a potentially toxic product, have kids complete a different task while you apply that particular element.

Always Use Safety Scissors

Adult shears and school scissors made for older kids are not safe enough for preschoolers to use. Smaller children need to use blunt nosed safety scissors that lack the sharp, pointy edges of their grown up versions.

Tape Together String Ends

When making necklaces and other items out of string, make sure to tape together the two ends rather than tie a knot. A knotted string can pose a choking hazard for young kids who are unaware of the dangers of wearing such items while climbing or jumping around.

Assign Tasks Judiciously

Read all of the project directions before sitting down to complete the craft with your preschoolers. Figure out which steps are the most suitable for their skill level. Make sure to select steps that will be slightly challenging without being too frustrating. Rule out steps that seem unsafe or difficult.

Always Supervise Activities

Small children can wreak havoc at the crafting table without direct supervision by an adult. If you need to step away for the crafting table for even one minute, make sure to take your preschooler with you. If you cannot have your child come along with you, consider taking a moment to put up the scissors, paints and other iffy supplies before stepping away.

Don’t Be Afraid to Step In

As you observe your child’s efforts, do not be afraid to lend a hand here and there. After giving children some time to figure out the task on their own, your offer for assistance may be well received. You can also suggest taking a short break together for a snack or walk before resuming the crafting activity.

As you craft with your child, you will surely begin to feel immense pride in seeing their proficiency in previously difficult activities improve. Your efforts will be rewarded with sweet homemade projects you can cherish for a lifetime.

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