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family dinner

Teen’s Perspective on Family Dinners

by Sam P. April 8th, 2024| Seasonal, Teens

I have always considered family dinners a sort of magical thing. It gives the appearance of being the perfect family and has this wonderful feeling when you're there. Something about crowding around the table and asking for people to "pass the

teen schedule

Teen’s Perspective on Schedules

by Sam P. January 29th, 2024| Seasonal, Teens

Schedules are everything. They are so important in my life and many of my friends' lives, simply because they keep us organized. My friends and I all keep fairly busy schedules, so having a way to lay out our day and

teen with ornament (400x400)

Teen’s Perspective: Making it Through the Holidays

by Sam P. December 25th, 2023| Seasonal, Teens

For as much as I love Christmas, I understand it can be very stressful. All those family visits are fun and lovable at first, but can get a tad annoying very quickly. Having gone through it for the past seventeen


Teens and Picnics: A Match Made in Heaven

by Sam P. July 4th, 2023| Seasonal, Teens
To start this off I will confess that I just have a genuine love for picnics, but that aside they truly are just a fun thing to do.  They are so easy to prep for and can lead to some great memories.  Whether a group of friends goes out or
earth (400x400)

Teen’s Perspective on Earth Day

by Sam P. April 24th, 2023| Seasonal, Teens
It may just be me, but it seems as though many teenagers do not care about the environment as much as they should.  I often see kids lazily tossing bottles on the ground, while they're just a few yards from a trash can, or throwing away an entire lunch at

Morning Routines: Teens Are Hands Off

by YPI Editors September 26th, 2022| Seasonal, Teens
Ok, the title of this article may not be 100% accurate. Young teens may need some guidance in their morning routines, especially when they start high school and have to learn new times for their routine. However, your goal should be for morning routines to become completely teen-owned.

As you read

Back to School Shopping for the College Freshman

by Sam P. August 22nd, 2022| Seasonal, Teens
Going into your freshman year of college can be stressful; trust me I know, I'm going through it, too.  The first thing on your mind at all times is cost efficiency and "Will I be able to afford that after I pay my fees?" After fees and tuition are paid

Tips to Keep Your Teens Entertained in the Water

by Sam P. July 8th, 2016| Seasonal, Teens
Everyone loves a good beach trip, or lake depending on which you prefer, but as your teens grow older they become less and less interested in a family day at the beach.  I, being a teen still myself, can see where they are coming from.  When you are eighteen you

Teen’s Perspective on Water Safety

by Sam P. June 24th, 2016| Seasonal, Teens
I love swimming.  During the hot summer months nothing is more refreshing than a swim.  But swimming can be dangerous, as well.  Most people know how to swim, and if you don't, you can learn, but there are a few things that should not be mixed with water.  Alcohol and

Gardening: What’s In It for Teens

by Jane Wangersky June 17th, 2016| Seasonal, Teens
It’s not really fair, but when you mention teens and gardening, people are likely to think of a mini-grow op. Or, if they’ve been following the news, they may think of teens getting high on garden seeds. (Yes, some seeds, like the all too appropriately named Sleepy Grass and
girl with piercings

When Teens Fly: Four Possible Issues

by Jane Wangersky May 20th, 2016| Seasonal, Teens
For background to this article, I talked to a high school senior who had recently flown on an international trip with a school band. You might think he’d bring back some horror stories -- or at least some funny stories -- that showed what teens should and shouldn't do while
outdoor teens

No TV Week from a Teen’s Perspective

by Sam P. April 29th, 2016| Seasonal, Teens
Personally, I think no TV week is a fantastic idea.  As a society we have become so caught up with technology, it tends to take over our lives.  I have several friends that will stay up far later than they should on a school night because they are on their