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4 Ways to Help Kids Reach Activity Milestones

by Marnie Bii February 7th, 2022| Development, Preschool
During the preschool years, the timing of hitting movement milestones tends to spread out across the peer group. Some preschoolers may exhibit a strong ability to run, climb and jump, while others are a bit clumsier. Most kids’ abilities tend to even out upon approaching kindergarten, which is important due
preschool scissors

Practice Simple Scissor Skills With Your Preschooler

by Tania Cowling April 5th, 2016| Development, Preschool
Using tools has marked human progress throughout history. So what tools does a preschooler need to master? A child needs to be able to use a pencil, toothbrush, silverware, open doorknobs, tie shoelaces, just to name a few. Also, learning to use a pair of child safety scissors marks an