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4 Ways to Help Kids Reach Activity Milestones

by Marnie Bii February 12th, 2024| Development, Preschool

During the preschool years, the timing of hitting movement milestones tends to spread out across the peer group. Some preschoolers may exhibit a strong ability to run, climb and jump, while others are a bit clumsier. Most kids' abilities tend to

preschool scissors

Practice Simple Scissor Skills With Your Preschooler

by Tania Cowling April 5th, 2016| Development, Preschool
Using tools has marked human progress throughout history. So what tools does a preschooler need to master? A child needs to be able to use a pencil, toothbrush, silverware, open doorknobs, tie shoelaces, just to name a few. Also, learning to use a pair of child safety scissors marks an