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How to Keep Greed Under Control

by Lori Sciame December 17th, 2014 | Big Kids, Elementary
boy with santa (400x400)The holidays are a time of joy and giving, a time for love and family.  Unfortunately, however, for elementary age children, the holidays can also be a time of greed.  If parents are not careful, children this age can succumb to the mantra, "I want more!"  We've all seen it before.  There's the child who opens gifts so fast that he or she doesn't even know what's inside the package.  All that's important...another gift!  As the pile of torn wrapping paper and bows grows, so does the need for just one more present.

Don't let this happen to your elementary
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How to Determine If They Should Stay Home

by Ronald A. Rowe December 10th, 2014 | Big Kids, Elementary, School
little girl (400x400)“Mom, I don’t feel good!”

Those five words have triggered a maelstrom of activity in virtually every household at one time or another.  Your elementary child wakes up complaining of a stomach ache.  Your mind whirls through a checklist to determine your next step.  Is she really sick?  Is that big math test today?  Check her temperature, skin color, breathing.

Sometimes the answer is just obvious.  You can’t fake vomiting.  A fever is a dead giveaway.  There’s a certain look that accompanies illness that tells a parent that the child is too sick for school.

Sometimes the fakery is obvious, too.  
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When is it Safe to Move to the Front Seat?

by Ronald A. Rowe November 26th, 2014 | Big Kids, Elementary, Safety
child car seat (400x400)Car safety is an important consideration with any child.  Car seats are recommended for children up to age 8.  The biggest problem that we encountered with enforcing this rule was that so many of our children’s friends were allowed to ditch the seat early.  We’ve all had the “All my friends are doing it; why can’t I?” argument at one time or another.  It’s a standard part of the parent-child relationship.

Somehow it was a little more difficult than usual.  With both our sons their was a deep sense of disappointment when their friends were freed from the confinement of
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Calm Down, Dear: ADHD or Not?

by Lori Sciame November 19th, 2014 | Behavior, Big Kids, Elementary
child in classroom (400x400)An elementary school teacher recently related that many of his students seem to be hyped up.  They jump up from their seats at the wrong times, they blurt out the answer before the question is completed, and they have trouble waiting their turn.  What's going on?  Is there something seriously wrong with these children, or do they just need guidance from their parents?

Sources state that Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is on the rise in the United States.  For instance, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states, "the percentage of children with an ADHD diagnosis continues to increase,
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Questions, Questions

by Ronald A. Rowe November 12th, 2014 | Big Kids, Elementary, School
student in class (400x400)My family and I recently moved to a new part of the country, and with that, there have been many changes. One of the most crucial ones was choosing a new school for our eight year old son. There were many things we were looking for since he came from such a great STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) School, and wanted to make sure that there was continuity. After going through the process which required quite a bit of research, we feel we made the right choice.   One of the primary considerations was the student-teacher ratio.

You really have
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Three Causes of Behavior Change

by Lori Sciame October 22nd, 2014 | Behavior, Big Kids, Elementary
boy-477010_1280When a child's behavior suddenly changes, it can be a tumultuous time.  A previously sweet, outgoing young boy becomes sullen - barely leaving his room, or a smart, interested girl suddenly seems angry all the time.  What accounts for these sudden changes?  Let's explore three possibilities.

1.  Sexual Abuse

No parent wants to believe his or her child has become a victim of sexual abuse, but it happens -- all too often.  Even if a parent works diligently to protect his child from sexual predators, they may still be lurking.

Consider these statistics from the United States Department of Justice:

  • As many as
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How to Juggle After School Activities

by Margot F. October 15th, 2014 | Big Kids, Elementary, School
Child choir competition-2With school in session, many parents are interested in signing their child up for extra-curricular activities. Given everyone’s busy schedule, how do parents juggle working, childcare and after school activities?

Organization is important. Children at any age can help manage their own schedules.

In Kindergarten, printing a monthly calendar which is put in the child’s room helps the child know when they are in school or staying home for the weekend. Because most five- and six-year-olds cannot read yet, it is helpful to use picture symbols for “school” and “home”. As reading ability improves, the symbols can be replaced with the
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How to Start a Successful Kid-Focused Business

by Editorial Team October 13th, 2014 | Big Kids, Elementary
party hatDo you still feel like a big kid even though you're an adult? And do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a genuine love of business? Then you can be your own boss by starting up your own kid-focused business. With so many successful companies out there catering to the needs and wants of kids of all ages, from babies to teens, there's a niche out there for everyone.

Continue reading for a few tips on how to start a successful kid-focused business of your own.

Choose a Niche

The first step is determining your niche and your demographic. Will you be
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