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How to Protect Your Preschooler From the Sun

by Jessica B. | July 18th, 2023 | Preschool, Safety

preschooler swimming (400x400)In some ways it can be trickier to protect your preschooler from the sun than your little one, because they have a bit more independence. Here are a few tips to make sure your preschooler takes sun safety seriously so that you can all work together to make sure your kid is covered and safe in the sun.

1) Talk to your kid about sunscreen – When you start adding sun screen to your getting ready to go out ritual, make sure you talk to your preschooler about why it is important and allow them to get involved. You don’t need to explain this every time you apply it, but make sure to remind them now and then about how important sunscreen is.

2) Have a day care plan – You need to talk to your preschool personnel and make sure that you meet their sunscreen policy. We leave an extra tube of sunscreen with each child and specify that we want it applied each time they go outside. There is a risk that they will end up with a lot of sunscreen, as they go out several times a day, but that is the easiest way for us to ensure they always have sunscreen on.

3) Wear sun protective clothing – Your preschooler is probably very active. They are running around, swimming, wiping their sweaty brow, and generally not concerned much about sunscreen. To ensure they are getting quality coverage, you can always put on a sun protection shirt on days you know your child may end up washing off their sunscreen. They are sure to find one they love, with a variety of popular motifs you can find something your kid won’t mind wearing.

4) Waterproof, sweat proof sunscreen – Make sure you choose a sunscreen for your preschooler that can tolerate their active life. You want one that doesn’t need to be reapplied every time they go from the pool to the snack stand and back again. There are several options that are safe for kids but also kid proof.

5) Avoid peak hours – It can be tricky to keep your preschooler out of the sun during peak sun hours between 11 am – 2 pm. Try to time some activities to make sure they get a chance to cool down then. Bring your kids in for lunch, have an after lunch quiet time where your kids wind down with a movie, take your books to a shaded hammock and read, and then let them run wild again after things are not too warm.

  1. Lawrence Katrina says:

    Oops! Kids often get sunburned when they are outdoors unprotected for longer than expected. Remember to plan ahead, and keep sun protection handy in your car, bag, or child s backpack. The Protect Your Students from Skin Cancer fact sheet explains how educators can help lower students skin cancer risk.

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