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Speaking Up for Better Speech

by C. Finkbeiner
Did you know that May is also Better Hearing and Speech Awareness Month? Communication disorders are now commonly considered the first sign or symptom of another underlying diagnosis, but it is also the most common special need most children share. By kindergarten age, children often have a vivid vocabulary and have a general idea of how to talk to adults

Can Preschoolers Learn Initiative?

by Joe Lawrence
Is it too early to teach your preschoolers life skills at this age? Can five-year olds grasp concepts like initiative and leadership? I think they have the ability to grasp these behavior traits and so much more.

Recently, I attended a conference on leadership for work. My boss brought leaders from all over the world to headquarters to meet and

5 Ideas for When You Have to Wait

by Tania Cowling
Whether it’s the doctor’s office, a restaurant, the bank, or long lines at the grocery store, there are times of waiting and this is probably very difficult for your young child. There’s a good reason why quiet activities without a lot of movement only last a short while. It’s because the nervous system in a child’s body is not