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Bus Safety Rules for Tweens

by Lori Sciame
Considering how many children in the United States ride to and from school on a bus each day, the rate of injuries due to crashes is rather low.  That is the good news.  Now the bad news: children may suffer injuries on the school bus for a variety of other reasons.  To ensure your tween remains safe on the bus,

4 Low Tech Ways to Entertain a Child

by Lori Sciame
Keeping an elementary aged child entertained doesn't always require high tech gadgets. While iPads Sony PlayStations, and Kindle tablets will certainly keep a child this age occupied, they don't stimulate the imagination in the same way that low tech places (and items) do. Plus, low tech entertainment options almost always cost less!

Library Adventures

One low tech entertainment option is accessible to all, yet many fail

Are Preschoolers Too Young to Learn Another Language?

by Joe Lawrence
Watching the development of our preschoolers is very rewarding. They have the capacity to learn so many new and interesting things once we learn to focus their little minds. In fact, some things that adults struggle with (like learning a foreign language) is quite simple for these crumb crunchers.

I am certainly not a genius, and will not be getting an invite from Mensa anytime

Special Needs Infants and Breast Milk

by C. Finkbeiner
Breast is best. It’s what your OB/GYN, Pediatrician and your mom will tell you when you come to make the decision of whether to breastfeed or formula feed your baby. And, then there is the decision as to what age to start weaning your baby away from breast milk, if you breastfeed at all. But what happens when you have a special needs child
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