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How to Teach Toddlers About Winter

by Tania Cowling
To young children, there is no big difference between reality and fantasy. Toddlers believe everything they see, touch, and hear. They basically learn by their senses and experience. So, how do you teach toddlers about the winter season?

The first snowfall of the season deserves to be celebrated. For many children, this is the first snow in their memory. So,

Teen’s Perspective on Safe Winter Driving

by Sam P.
Driving in the winter can be ever so dangerous, especially if you live as far north as I do.  Up here in New Hampshire we were recently hit with an arctic front and one day I got up and it was negative 7 degrees out.  That obviously will lead to some very slippery roads if there was any precipitation

3 Steps to Keep Your Tween Engaged This Winter

by Ronald A. Rowe
Christmas has come and gone but the cold of winter remains.  The Christmas wish list of most tweens is filled with video games and BluRay discs and gift cards to online wonderlands beyond the ken of mere parents.  If your tween got even a quarter of the electronic loot on his list, he’ll have enough entertainment lined up to

3 Tips for Good Winter Health

by Ronald A. Rowe
A couple weeks back we touched on the subject of helping your elementary child avoid colds and flu this winter.  As incidents of cold and flu have only escalated since then I think we’d do well to take a more in depth look at some of the things that we can do to improve our children’s chances of making