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How Hormones Affect a Tween’s Behavior

by Lori Sciame
As early as age 9, a young person's body begins the process of puberty. This amazing journey towards adulthood begins when the body's glands secrete hormones.  It's this rise in hormones that prompts growth and sexual maturation.

Hormones can also be responsible for altering your child's behavior. Not only do many tweens feel like they are riding an emotional roller

Choosing the Right Preschool

by Joe Lawrence
This is the time of the year that many parents are considering their options for preschool or a kindergarten for their young ones. Depending on where you live, the options are numerous and daunting. I will tell you how we found our preschool and the things we are looking at for next year’s kindergarten selection.

We all want what is

Teething Tips for Mothers of Babies

by Tania Cowling
Has your baby been drooling steadily? Does she mouth every toy she picks up? Your little one may be teething. Teething can be annoying to babies – the gums can be painful. Here are some important tips to learn when those pearly whites may pop and what to do to comfort your baby.