What to Do After Wisdom Teeth Removal

by Sam P. July 25th, 2014 | Teen Perspective, Teens
Now that I've fully recovered from my very own wisdom teeth removal, let me tell you it's not a fun thing.  The procedure itself tends to go fairly easily, but recovery can be quite difficult.  Parents should remember you must have everything you need before the surgery.  Any stop on the way home is an absolutely terrible idea. Your kid will be all doped up and, although they'll be quite amusing, walking them around a store is the last thing you'd ever want to do.

Parents, when you get home you'll want to get out and unlock the
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Waldorf Students Are Creative & Self-Confident

by Margot F. July 23rd, 2014 | Big Kids, Elementary, School
The education provided at a Waldorf school is child focused and intended to promote creativity, critical thinking and community involvement. Further, Waldorf educators say there is no bullying in their programs. What makes the Waldorf system different from conventional programs?

Waldorf Education is founded on the principles presented by the Austrian thinker Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). After World War I, Germany was devastated and on the brink of chaos, so Steiner promoted an educational system that would teach the whole child, body, mind and soul.

The owner of the Waldorf Astoria cigarette
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