Communicating with Your Teen

by Jennifer S. Rowe November 21st, 2014 | Communication, Teens
The two words teens and communication for the most part, do not necessarily go together very well, and that is a shame, because it doesn’t always have to be that way. I want to make clear that I am not under the illusion that things are always going to be “hunky dory” when it comes to parenting a teen, but along the way I have learned a thing or two about communicating with my teenage son. Some lessons need to be learned the hard way, and I don’t mean my son, I mean me!

One of the most
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Not Too Early to Think About College

by Lori Sciame November 20th, 2014 | School, Tweens
As an advisor at a college, I encounter some students who tackle the transition from high school to college with relative ease, as well as those who suffer a multitude of issues, from social to academic.

Reasons for a student's success or lack thereof vary; however, I can state with assurance that those who succeed have most likely had parents/guardians that promote the value of education.  In fact, since they were young children, the successful students have been exposed to valuable educational experiences.

This post, then, outlines several ways a child, even as young as 11 or 12, can be exposed
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Calm Down, Dear: ADHD or Not?

by Lori Sciame November 19th, 2014 | Behavior, Big Kids, Elementary
An elementary school teacher recently related that many of his students seem to be hyped up.  They jump up from their seats at the wrong times, they blurt out the answer before the question is completed, and they have trouble waiting their turn.  What's going on?  Is there something seriously wrong with these children, or do they just need guidance from their parents?

Sources state that Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is on the rise in the United States.  For instance, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states, "the
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