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3 Ways to Boost Preschoolers Conversation Skills

by Joe Lawrence August 22nd, 2023| Preschool, Social
Preschoolers are fun to watch as they learn and grow. They are constantly developing physically, mentally and socially. It is the social aspect that many parents struggle with, but keep reading for some advice on this.

We watch our children go from being the babbling blob of infant-hood to walking
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3 Ways to Teach our Children to be Good Sports

by Joe Lawrence April 3rd, 2023| Preschool, Social
There are many challenges to raising preschoolers. It seems as if every new thing is a challenge. Some are easy wins, but most are very tedious. However, almost all of them are not things we can simply ignore, especially when we know the long term importance.

One such struggle I have
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Teaching Preschoolers the Art of Collecting

by Tania Cowling February 27th, 2023| Preschool, Social
Are you a collector? Do you have memorabilia that you find interesting? Well, children have a passion for collections too! From baseball cards, matchbox cars, plastic army men, now Star Wars characters, and even pocket collections from an outdoor nature walk (as long as they are not live creatures) –

Preschool Playdates- Let the Fun Begin

by YPI Editors October 10th, 2022| Preschool, Social
More than likely, by the age of three or four, your child is attending preschool during the week. This time at school is one way that your child can begin socializing with other children her age. However, preschool on its own may not be enough for your child. She may
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3 Ways to Keep Manners Alive With Preschoolers

by Joe Lawrence March 29th, 2021| Preschool, Social
Are manners dying off in today’s society? Are we as parents doing our part to keep them alive? According to most studies manners are dying and we are not holding our own as parents. Here are three ways to reverse this tide.

I never thought I would consider having a
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3 Important Social Skills Learned in Preschool

by Joe Lawrence October 13th, 2015| Preschool, Social
Preschoolers are great learners. When we learn to take advantage of their sponge like brains, we can really make a difference in who they become. This is a perfect age to teach them same basic social skills to carry them into life.

For most kids nowadays, they are in day
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Teaching the Golden Rule to Preschoolers

by Joe Lawrence February 3rd, 2015| Preschool, Social
Being a parent to a preschooler is a constant adventure. Everyday there is something new to learn and discover. Sometimes the lessons are as simple as what colors are made from mixing others together. Other times, the lessons are universal to those of any age like social interactions with
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Keeping My Preschooler’s Social Life in Balance

by Joe Lawrence January 6th, 2015| Preschool, Social
Hearing the phrase, “preschooler social life” one year ago would have brought much laughter. How could a four-year old have a social life? Well, I stand corrected, as my daughter has a more impressive social calendar than I ever had.

At least once a week, my wife or I find
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How to Get Your Preschooler to Behave

by R. Carnavale November 25th, 2014| Preschool, Social
You do a lot for your preschooler -- providing food, shelter, clothing, education, sleep, recreation and other opportunities to grow and learn. In addition, you need to teach him good behavior -- how to treat others so that he can get along with people in this world; the difference

How to Plan a Birthday Party for a Preschooler

by Margot F. November 4th, 2014| Preschool, Social
Birthday parties for children aged two through five can be lots of fun with a bit of planning. Young children do well with inviting only a few children and keeping things simple. What kinds of activities are suitable for different age groups? Do caregivers need to stay at the