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Preschool Playdates- Let the Fun Begin

by YPI Editors | October 10th, 2022 | Preschool, Social

playing-with-dolls-or-trucksMore than likely, by the age of three or four, your child is attending preschool during the week. This time at school is one way that your child can begin socializing with other children her age. However, preschool on its own may not be enough for your child. She may want to spend more time with friends.

By the age of three, I found that my children were excited to play with other children, especially when they had similar interests. Just like us adults, preschoolers don’t want to play with someone else just because he’s the same age. Let your child be part of the decision making process when scheduling playdates.

Does your child come home from preschool talking about the friend she plays with during free time? Maybe you should reach out to her parents and see if there’s a common time that you can get the girls together outside of school. Find a two-hour block and get the kids and parents together. There’s no need for structured activities, they get plenty of that at school. Let them play together, maybe enjoy a snack, and just generally have fun.

Another option is to schedule a playdate with a parent’s friend who has similarly aged children. However, just because you and the other mom are friends doesn’t mean that your son and her son will be friends. Sometimes we are lucky, and everyone clicks. Other times we need to accept that our children have different interests, and this was a one-time playdate.

At this age, your child and friend will begin to play together and, most of the time, should be able to share. It’s highly encouraged for the parents to stay on the sidelines. Go have a cup of coffee in the kitchen, and let the kids play in the toy room. Together they’ll discover an imaginary world or create their own game. This is their playtime and your chance to enjoy some adult company.

If you are struggling to find a social outlet for your child and he isn’t mentioning special friends at school, look for an area parents group. These groups are the perfect place to meet other moms, dads, and children. More than likely they have established playgroups. Attend a few times, and your preschooler is likely to find a new friend.

The preschool years are a time when your child’s social life will begin to bud. It’s not the active social life of a teen, but the once or twice a week playdate becomes a much more desired event. Fit them in when you can. Having a few more friends is never a bad thing.

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