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Flying Can Be a Lesson on Vacation Travel

by Tania Cowling May 27th, 2024| Preschool, Seasonal

If you're planning a vacation by air, it's fun for preschoolers to get up close and personal with airplanes before the trip. Visiting an airport in advance or some home activities that present planes as a theme can do this.

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Vacations With Preschoolers and Fun for Parents

by Joe Lawrence June 13th, 2023| Preschool, Seasonal
Vacation season is finally here. Summer is just around the corner and many of us have or are starting to make plans for the family. What can you do to make the vacation fun for the whole family?

I noticed that most of our vacation plans have been centered on
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Choosing the Best Tradition for Your Family

by Joe Lawrence December 19th, 2022| Preschool, Seasonal
Handling the holidays is always full of excitement. Most of the time it is filled with fun things to do and meaningful traditions; however, when you have a preschooler there is no telling what will come next. The real excitement is surviving the season sometimes.

My wife is a very
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3 Ways to Bring Children into the Kitchen

by Joe Lawrence November 14th, 2022| Preschool, Seasonal
Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Christmas is not too far behind. We place so much thought into the gifts we purchase; we lose track of the most important aspect of the holidays…family. One great way to spend time with family is to cook together.

When it comes to
preschool dinner

3 Ways to Bond Over Family Dinner

by Joe Lawrence March 14th, 2020| Preschool, Seasonal
Family dinners are one of the best, if not the best, ways to bond. There is something about sitting down as a collective group that brings us all closer together. However, when you have a preschoolers or toddlers, it does not always feel like “bonding” as much as it does
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Holiday Tips for Curious Babies and Toddlers

by Tania Cowling November 26th, 2018| Infants/Toddlers, Seasonal
The holiday season is upon us and we are busy decorating the house and getting into the spirit. Please, don’t forget the babies and toddlers – they want to feel the joy too! Here are some tips to make your youngest of children happy during the holidays.

First, let’s think

Morning Routines: It’s Not Too Early to Start

by YPI Editors September 20th, 2016| Infants/Toddlers, Preschool, Seasonal, Seasonal
Mornings- depending on your sleep pattern, you may love them or despise them. Of course, despising them doesn't make them go away or change the time that school or work starts. Regardless to your opinion on this time of day, it's good to get your little ones used to the
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Preschool Back-to-School Shopping Like a Pro

by Joe Lawrence August 16th, 2016| Preschool, Seasonal
Back to school shopping was one of my favorite times each year. We didn’t have a lot of money growing up, but my big sister would take me and we would stretch out every dollar. I am very excited to see my wife take my kids shopping for supplies and

Picnics Are a Simple Way to Make Memories

by Joe Lawrence July 19th, 2016| Preschool, Seasonal
Summer is the best season to get some extra time in with family and friends. The weather is nice to where you can do many fun activities with your little ones and let them roam the yard or park with their friends while you get some adult time with your

4 Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Preschoolers

by Joe Lawrence June 21st, 2016| Preschool, Seasonal
Summer is finally here and so is the heat. This is our chance to enjoy some sunshine and get the kids out of the house for some summer fun. Typically, this involves a swimming pool so our preschoolers can cool off and burn lots of energy. However, there are some

What Can My Preschooler Learn From Gardening?

by Tania Cowling June 14th, 2016| Preschool, Seasonal
Whether you are growing veggies, herbs, or flowers, working with the earth is enriching for children. The pride and gratification children feel when contributing fresh food or a colorful vase of flowers bolsters their self-esteem. There is also a lot of education involved in gardening – science and math especially.
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A Week without Television

by Joe Lawrence April 26th, 2016| Preschool, Seasonal
Wouldn’t it be nice to go a whole week without the children watching television? I have thought this a lot over the past couple of years. Then I thought about why I would stop at just the TV. Why not all devices?

It saddens me greatly to see how attached people