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Beat the Heat With Water

by Tania Cowling | July 4th, 2022 | Elementary, Entertainment

garden-hoseYour kids can quench the “sizzle” of summer with water. So, whether you have a swimming pool, wading pool, or just the garden hose, your kids can spend hours of fun and “beat the heat” this season. These wet and wild activities and games will make your outdoor time a splash hit!

Dry Run Derby
Have the kids line up at the shallow end of the pool, then hand each one a dry sheet of newspaper (or paper towel). On cue, everyone enters the water and starts swimming while holding their papers above the water. The goal is to deliver the driest paper to the opposite end of the pool.

Balloon Push
The object of this contest is to race to the far end of the pool while pushing a balloon with your nose. For each swimmer, fill a balloon with about one-quarter cup of water, then blow it up the rest of the way and knot it. The water will weigh down the balloon enough so that it will float atop the water without blowing away.

Ball Away
String a rope across the center of the pool. Toss lots of soft, floating balls (ping-pong, inflatable beach balls, playground balls, etc.) into the pool so that there is an equal amount on each side of the “net.” Now assemble teams on opposite sides of the net. When the whistle blows, each team tries to throw all of their balls on the other side of the rope. When the whistle blows a second time, everyone immediately stops, and the team with the fewest balls on their side wins.

Balloon Blast
Supply each child with a spray bottle filled with water and an inflated balloon. The object of play is to keep your balloon in the air the longest by squirting it repeatedly with water.

Water Ball
Players use homemade plastic scoops (just cut the bottom off an empty milk or water jug and cover the edge with tape) to catch and throw a water balloon back and forth until it bursts.

Make An Ice Boat
The key to winning an ice boat race is to outlast the competition. On a steamy day, launch these boats in a wading pool and see whose melts last. To make an ice boat, you’ll need a pint size juice carton, food coloring, duct tape, a 12” wooden dowel, colored cellophane and a stapler.

Fill the carton with one and one-half cups of water and several drops of food coloring. Seal the top with duct tape and shake gently. Lay the sealed carton on its side and use a craft knife (parents only) to cut an X through the center of the side facing up. Push the dowel through the opening and set the carton in the freezer overnight.

Next cut out a cellophane sail (an oblong triangle) and staple it around the dowel. Finally cut the carton away from the frozen boat and slip the sail onto the mast. Your kiddos are now ready for some boating fun!

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