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4 Questions to Teach Our Preschoolers About Safety

by Joe Lawrence February 17th, 2015| Preschool, Safety
Safety is first and foremost in my military career. Working on aircraft, there are thousands of ways to get hurt. I was able to carry this over into parenthood and see the potential hazard areas where my children are playing. When they are still little ankle-biters there is no
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Dealing With My Preschooler’s Independence

by Joe Lawrence December 23rd, 2014| Preschool, Safety
Safety is the first thing that comes to mind when looking at everything through the eyes of a parent. Ever since my kids have been on this Earth, my observation of the world around us has changed. When they are crawlers and just starting to walk, everything gets child-proofed
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Teaching Preschoolers About Stranger Danger

by Tania Cowling November 18th, 2014| Preschool, Safety
There are going to be times when you have to take your child on excursions. My main concern when I took my children and now my grandchildren anywhere is safety. With all the stories about kidnapped kids you can’t be too careful.

Children this age are very trusting and we

Halloween Safety: Keep Preschoolers from Danger

by Tania Cowling October 21st, 2014| Preschool, Safety
Halloween is a fun holiday for kids and adults, but it is not without safety issues. Throughout the generations children and teens have ventured out for a night of trick-or-treating and parties. We as parents need to make sure the kids have a safe and enjoyable experience. Get to

Dangerous Products That Put Your Children At Risk

by Tania Cowling September 23rd, 2014| Preschool, Safety
How well do you baby proof your home? When my kids were young I went through the entire house on my hands and knees looking for dangerous situations at the child’s level. I did the normal baby proofing recommended. But did you know there are many more dangers that
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School Bus Safety: Simple Lessons for Preschoolers

by Tania Cowling August 26th, 2014| Preschool, Safety
Whether your youngster will be attending a VPK program or a public or private preschool, buses are used for transporting many children to and from school. For some preschoolers this new venture is fun and exciting, where others find this scary. To help ease the school bus anxiety, why

Protect Your Children From the Buzzing Biters

by Tania Cowling July 29th, 2014| Preschool, Safety
Summer is upon us and the weather is beautiful. It’s a time for pleasurable outdoor excursions and events, except for the buzzing biters – the mosquito. And this year where I live in Florida we have a new invader that even bites during the day. This small, black Aedes
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Community Helpers Work to Keep Our Kids Safe

by Tania Cowling July 1st, 2014| Preschool, Safety
Sometimes people need help, even our children. Isn’t it nice to know that many of our community helpers are there to help the children? It is our job as parents to teach our children that there are people whose jobs are to help keep them safe. Preschoolers can learn

Pertinent Tips: Parade Safety

by Lori Sciame June 3rd, 2014| Preschool, Safety
Summer...'tis the season for hometown parades!  Almost every weekend across the United States, families can take in a parade.  These community celebrations provide fun and entertainment for all ages, and they include everything from bands and clowns, to fire engines and horses.

A parent would like to think parades do

Protect Fragile Skin

by Lori Sciame May 6th, 2014| Preschool, Safety
Preschool children have rejoiced the past few weeks. This is because spring chased winter away, and young children can finally go outside to play.  It's a magical time full of nature's newness:  budding trees, baby birds, and springtime blossoms.  It's also a time when new safety concerns arise.  For
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How Safe? Your Child’s Food & Water

by Lori Sciame April 8th, 2014| Preschool, Safety
Food and water provide the necessary nutrients for your preschooler to remain healthy and active.  Just like a car needs the right gasoline to perform effectively, a child needs the correct "fuel" to be able to tackle the business of living!  Parents, then, must monitor more than just vitamin
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Pills Can Kill

by Lori Sciame March 11th, 2014| Preschool, Safety
Pills may seem magical.  They can relieve the pain of a sore throat, reduce a high fever, and even cure a nagging cough.  In this sense, these "miracle" drugs help to make our lives and our children's lives much more comfortable. However, medicines can also be a safety hazard