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Dangerous Products That Put Your Children At Risk

by Tania Cowling | September 23rd, 2014 | Preschool, Safety

child-431694_1280How well do you baby proof your home? When my kids were young I went through the entire house on my hands and knees looking for dangerous situations at the child’s level. I did the normal baby proofing recommended. But did you know there are many more dangers that lurk in your home, some that affect older kids, not just babies? Here are some of the bigger-kid dangers that could be present today.

Mercury Thermometers

A while back, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) called for the nationwide elimination of mercury thermometers. Glass casing has always been dangerous, but if the thermometer breaks the child can inhale the mercury, which can lead to neurological damage. The mercury vaporizes and worse, if you vacuum a spill from a broken unit, more of this metal converts to a gas and permeates the house. Make sure to have a mercury-free thermometer for taking a child’s temperature, like digital units, one for the ear, or devices that can be rubbed across the forehead for a reading.


The strong scent of this product may drive the moths away, but prolonged exposure can cause liver and kidney damage along with irritation of the eyes, throat and lungs. A safer way to protect your woolens is to wrap cedar wood chips and even lemon peels in a homemade bag of cheesecloth and place these into drawers and closets.

Medications and Vitamins

We know to hide medications and even vitamins from young children as they may think the pills are candy. But, how many parents or grandparents leave their prescription bottles around thinking that older kids won’t bother them? It’s best to stow them away from sight.

Rubber Cement

Rubber cement is not as common as it was in the past, but some people still use it for projects. Children can get sick from the fumes. And, not only that, but rubber cement can ignite when near a flame such as a pilot light of a gas stove. It’s a dangerous product amongst kids, so better stock up on school glue or water-based paste in your home.

Curling Iron

It’s a fact that clothes irons can cause nasty skin burns that sometimes takes a person to an urgent care center or even the hospital. But did you ever think of burns caused by curling irons? Children love to imitate parents and even want the beautiful curls they make. Unfortunately, these irons need to be put in a place where kids can’t access them. Parents need to tell their daughters that they can have curls, but only when mom is around to use this styling product. It’s best to replace the curling iron with Velcro rollers in the bathroom drawer.

These are only a few products I’ve touched on in this article, but don’t forget about other substances like pesticides, drain cleaners and potent chemicals for cleaning. All these must be kept locked away and out of the kids’ view and reach. Also, don’t just toss dangerous products into the trash can or down the drain. Contact your local fire department about hazardous waste removal.

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