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Teen’s Perspective on Sun Protection

by Sam P. | July 10th, 2015 | Safety, Teens

girls sunning (400x400)We all want that perfect summer tan, but we don’t want to burn.  So many girls opt to go tanning in booths instead of being patient and letting the sun do its thing.  This is not how to get the perfect golden tan.  Also, avoid using tanning oils, it will just make you more prone to burning.  Just spend some time laying outside every day, or just time outside in general, and it will come on its own.

There is of course the ominous skin cancer you have to worry about, as well.  This is why tanning booths are a horrible idea.  A recent study has shown that those who wear a lower SPF, but often are less likely to get skin cancer than those who use a high SPF sporadically.  A low SPF will block the UV rays and keep you from getting burned, while still letting you tan some.  A high SPF will block the UV rays, but it will not allow you to tan at all.  By using a high SPF you are not letting any of the sun’s rays in so if you were to forget to put your block on once and burn you are actually more likely to get skin cancer than someone that uses a lower SPF almost every day.

If you play an outdoor spring sport, you should have a decent tan going by the end of the season.  Unfortunately, you probably have some horrific tan lines going.  The first few times you go out to the beach in a swim suit so your untanned areas are exposed, be sure to reapply religiously with a low SPF or you will burn.  I had a nice track tan going between the shorts, sock, jersey, and sports bra, and most of it filled in with a nice light burn when I went to the beach a week or so ago.  I used a low SPF, but did not reapply as I should have.  Using a low SPF and reapplying a few times will make you less likely to burn than using a high SPF once.

Going outside for at least half an hour a day, with SPF on of course, will give you a nice gradual tan.  You are far less likely to burn doing this than you are binging in the sun for hours at a time all at once.  It is also far safer and healthier for you than getting a huge dose of sun.  Going outside every day is also great for you mentally, it has been proven that spending half an hour outside everyday boosts your immune system and makes you happier.  Plus, you get your vitamin D intake.

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