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Phone Tracking: Teen’s Perspective

by Sam P. | March 4th, 2016 | Safety, Teens

iphone find my phoneWithin this crazed technology filled generation, our lives are often consumed with the technological privileges that are commonly looked over.  Phone tracking is one of these things.  There has been quite a bit of hubbub lately about Apple and their terms of service and information that they can track or keep. This has been making people nervous about allowing location services on their phones and what their phone has permission to do. But even with what is going on I still think allowing Find My iPhone or another app like that is a good thing.

Not only is it great for if you lose your phone or it gets stolen, but it is like a safety net for your parents.  And if you are honest with your parents about where you are, you shouldn’t have to worry about it getting you in trouble.  You often hear stories about kids going to parties out in the woods and trying to stumble back home in the middle of the night drunk and getting lost and getting hurt or even passing away.  My junior year we were told a story from a family about a girl who went to a party in the woods and ended up drowning in a puddle just off of a main road because she was too drunk to make it home safe.

Parents having the ability to check up on where you are if you don’t make curfew or don’t pick up your phone calls will settle their worries and can make you even safer.  If that girl’s family had had this ability, her mom may have been able to find her that night after her friend called the mom saying the daughter had walked off.  They may have been able to save that girl’s life.

Having Find My iPhone can also save you a lot of money.  If you do lose or misplace your phone, you can use Find My iPhone to locate where your phone is.  So if you leave it at school Friday and realize it is missing over the weekend or while you’re out Friday, you can know that it is at the school and not lost somewhere out in the world.  I know many people that would rush out that weekend to buy a new phone because they don’t know it is at the school.  Or if you accidentally leave it on the hood of your car and drive off with it there, you can use Find My iPhone to find exactly where and on what street your phone is.  And trust me, it has some very detailed maps and can get the location very precisely. A friend of mine just recently did this, and I had to help her find it.  But because she had Find My iPhone and located her phone, she only had to pay to get her screen fixed instead of a whole new phone.

If you don’t know how to use Find My iPhone or you don’t have it, I highly suggest looking into it or downloading a similar app.  With iPhones it comes already downloaded, and it works as simply as clicking allow to use location services.  If you are using a different app because your phone does not provide this service, it may be a little more complicated than that. But no matter what the steps to setting it up are, it is worth it.

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