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Tinker Bell Sleeping Bag

by T Akery | March 14th, 2012 | Preschool, Product reviews

The Tinker Bell Sleeping Bag was a purchase made for a sleepover party. It came with a case in which you can roll it up. On it is a picture of Tinkerbell in vivid colors, with the back of the bag in more or less neon green. It is about a quarter of an inch thick on both top and bottom and offers a little bit of cushioning. So far, the zipper has held up. But it hasn’t been tested very much.

This is not a sleeping bag you want for your kids on really cold weather camping trips. This is more of a sleepover sleeping bag for carpeted floors and air mattresses.

It is big enough to accommodate a six-year-old. It might get outgrown by the time Princesses and Fairies are no longer an obsession. There is plenty of leg room for growing children.

It should be washed in cold water and air dried. Don’t throw it in the dryer — that will bunch up all the padding and crinkle the fabric. You will spend a little time just trying to maneuver it back into shape. Allow at least a day for it to dry.

It can handle small incidental spills but not a complete cup turnover. That will soak the material. The advisory is that the bag should not be used when wet because it does take some time to dry properly.

The biggest complaint about this sleeping bag is probably the same complaint most people have with all sleeping bags, it is almost impossible to get it rolled back up into the case. You can stuff it in there, but it will never look quite as good as when you first bought it.

For about 20 bucks, it is still a little pricey for this sleeping bag. It would be better to find this item for under 15 if possible. But it depends on how much use the sleeping bag will really see. As far as the zipper is concerned, just make certain not to jerk too hard or get any material in it and it should last the life of the sleeping bag. In fact, you probably want to do the zipping and unzipping yourself if you bought this for a toddler.

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