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Disney Activity Table and 2 Chairs Set

by T Akery | March 1st, 2012 | Preschool, Product reviews

A kid’s table is considered a necessity in some families. It is a place where kids can have their own space to create, play, or grab a snack. With two chairs, they can share with a friend or another sibling. The Disney Activity Table is the one table among many options that is under review.

The table and chairs are fairly easy to set up. The table legs just snap down and lock. The chairs just unfold. This easy assembly does make the package it comes in a bit bulky, and you may need more than one person to get it into the car.

The tabletop is plush and plastic with a Princess design. The intent of the tabletop is that children could color it with markers and then erase it. However, you do have to be very careful of the type of markers you allow your children to use on the table top. Not all of them will erase very cleanly, and you may get left over marks that are permanent. This can happen even with the more washable markers. It probably has something to do with the plastic coating. The main problem is that the marks make the table look dirty even though it is clean.

For other stuff like incidental spills, the plastic coating does protect the table and liquid does tend to slid right off. It is also fairly easy to clean. But you do want to avoid using harsh cleaning products like bleach that could degrade the plastic sheath.

The chairs are pretty lightweight metal and can easily be moved. They also contain a matching design on the headrest. Like other kids’ chairs, the biggest danger is falling backward in them. So, it is important to stress that your children sit properly in their chairs.

The price is relatively reasonable at around thirty dollars, depending on where you purchase it from. However, if you have a bigger family and need more chairs, then you will want to skip this product, because separate chairs aren’t available for this table.

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