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by Ronald A. Rowe December 31st, 2010| Product reviews
The day after Christmas - so many options for a product review. Although there are many new additions to the Rowe boys' toy basket, there is one that I'm more impressed with than any other.Mindflex is a children's game created by NeuroSky Brain-Computer Interface Technologies. Basically, it is the

On the Pulse

by Chang Song December 24th, 2010| Product reviews
Now, shopping for Christmas can be tricky since it has to be products that your family members can enjoy and use on a fairly regular basis. That is why the Kodak Pulse Digital Photo Frames should be a gift of choice to give to your loved ones.

The digital picture


by Ronald A. Rowe December 17th, 2010| Product reviews
LCR is a simple, straightforward game that is fun for the whole family. It's also very affordable; LCR retails for under $10. It's cheap because there isn't much materially involved in the game, but it boasts a level of fun equal to that of much pricier alternatives.

LCR comes with

Scrabble Flash

by Louise December 10th, 2010| Product reviews
Not too long ago, Itouted a few of my favorite word games, but it seems I spoke too soon! I recently received Scrabble Flash as a gift, and it is the most addictive word game I have ever come across. Scrabble Flash, as you might have guessed,


by Ronald A. Rowe December 3rd, 2010| Product reviews
The product I'll be reviewing this week is the family cat, which we adopted last week from the SPCA. Now I know that technically a cat is not a 'product'. Except in the very technical sense in which he is the product of a momma cat and a daddy

Portable Entertainment

by Chang Song November 26th, 2010| Product reviews
The truth is that a regular person is on-the-go for the most of the day. Since Americans are on-the-go so often, they need things they can take with them so they can save the most precious thing in this world: time. That's why all of our products are invented

Bey Blades are Back

by Ronald A. Rowe November 19th, 2010| Product reviews
Bey Blades are back. The game was popular about eight or so years ago then it drifted into the massive trash heap of trendy fads that outlived our children's interest span. But somehow, someway Bey Blades are making a comeback.

The new Bey Blades haven't evolved very far from their

Word Games

by Louise November 12th, 2010| Product reviews
I think word games are the most underestimated games out there. Many people associate "word games" with a single game: Scrabble. Personally, I love Scrabble, so that's not a bad thing, but I also know that many people, especially younger kids, tend to consider Scrabble as boring, a game

Solitaire Chess

by Ronald A. Rowe November 5th, 2010| Product reviews
Solitaire Chess is a learning toy made by ThinkFun. It promises to be a learning toy to sharpen a child's thinking skills, teach the basics of chess, and develop advanced chess strategies. It succeeds on two of three levels.

Solitaire Chess is not a miniature chess board; it is a

The Baby Empire

by Chang Song October 29th, 2010| Product reviews
Within the last year or two, when people look at the stocks in the United States, more times than not they are probably falling. I mean, it is like freaking raindrops in Seattle. But, don't worry; there are several companies that still manage to make money. Of course, that

Story Games

by Ronald A. Rowe October 22nd, 2010| Product reviews
The Story Games for iPod, iPhone, and iPad come in three varieties - City Story, Farm Story, and Restaurant Story. All three score high on my personal metrics for good children's entertainment by virtue of being fun, easy, and free.

City Story is a simplified version of the classic Sim


by Louise October 15th, 2010| Product reviews
Looking for a fun family game that gets your family on its feet and thinking creatively? Cranium: Family Edition is just the game.

Just like many other board games, the object of the game is to get to the finish line before any other player. However, in addition to mover