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by Ronald A. Rowe | December 31st, 2010 | Product reviews

The day after Christmas – so many options for a product review. Although there are many new additions to the Rowe boys’ toy basket, there is one that I’m more impressed with than any other.Mindflex is a children’s game created by NeuroSky Brain-Computer Interface Technologies. Basically, it is the wildest imaginings of my childhood and the subject of the science fiction stories of my youth come to life. Although clearly impossible, Mindflex translates your concentration level into power to levitate a small ball.

It works. It’s real. The harder you focus, the higher the ball goes. Relax and after a moment it will drop. There is a slight delay that can confound some users, but the game does react to your thoughts and move the ball accordingly. The levitation is created courtesy of a stream of air that blows from a small opening. The harder you concentrate, the harder the air blows.

At first, the best you can really hope for is to keep the ball aloft for several minutes and take it for a spin around the course. The game doesn’t stop there. Also included are a series of hoops and tunnels. As you improve your Mindxing skills, you can set up and take on an obstacle course. Hand – eye coordination is so 20th century. Now it’s all about coordinating between hand, eye, and brainwave.
Other than the frustrating little delay between thought and action, Mindflex is an amazing game. It is rated for ages 8+, but our four-year-old was able to manage the ball with some degree of success. The nine-year-old is better than any of the adults who’ve tried so far.

Not only is Mindflex a lot of fun to play, but the wow factor pretty well ensures that it will be pulled out and shown off whenever company comes calling.

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