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The Baby Empire

by Chang Song | October 29th, 2010 | Product reviews

Within the last year or two, when people look at the stocks in the United States, more times than not they are probably falling. I mean, it is like freaking raindrops in Seattle. But, don’t worry; there are several companies that still manage to make money. Of course, that includes the liquor stores but most important the company that is the Baby Empire, Johnson’s, or Johnson & Johnson Inc.

Whether people have land and money or not, people are going to keep having babies. Just look at the Chinese population, it is ridiculous in a way, of course, because babies are the future of our world. Since people are going to keep having babies, baby products are going to thrive no matter what, especially Johnson & Johnson, the Baby Empire.

The Johnson & Johnson Company was founded in 1886 by Robert Wood Johnson, who founded the company to improve the medication and baby products for the better for your average middle class family. The word “family” is very important in the company as the incorpration is basically a family business since the ownership is passed from one generation to the next and its excellence is continued as well. Johnson & Johnson sells a variety of products to consumers from allergy, cold, flu medicine to women’s health products. But obviously from the name Baby Empire, baby products are why Johnson & Johnson Inc. is still in business after 124 years.

Johnson & Johnson is known for its top-of-line baby products from the powder to the oil. Its products have gotten only favorable reviews all through its long line of history not only because they have kept the consumers happy by keeping the price low, but also since its products have been the top of line since the company was established some 100 years ago. For years now, Johnson & Johnson have come out with great products for babies and their products are so good that it makes you feel and smell like a baby too. Its lotion can make not only babies for also parents’ skin as soft as Tom Brady. Johnson & Johnson’s soap, baby powder, and all kinds of shampoo can make babies and parents feel like new and fresh.

Johnson & Johnson has been in business for so long because its quality and its low price. The company seemed to get stronger every year.

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