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Portable Entertainment

by Chang Song | November 26th, 2010 | Product reviews

The truth is that a regular person is on-the-go for the most of the day. Since Americans are on-the-go so often, they need things they can take with them so they can save the most precious thing in this world: time. That’s why all of our products are invented the way they are: chewy bars for food on-the-go, iPod for music on-the-go, and one of the most recent and most enjoyed developments, the Eviant T7 for Television on-the-go.

The Eviant is one of the best portable TV products out there; it was one of the most recent advanced developments of modern technology, much like the iPad and the Droid. But the idea of hand-held TVs appeared, believe it or not, about 40 years ago. The initial thought of a portable TV surfaced in the middle of the 1970s, and the first real model was sold under Panasonic in the summer of 1979 with many of the features a portable radio had. Although the product’s video quality wasn’t real superb, it was a start. Later in 1982, Sony produced “The Watchmen”, the supplement for the “Walkman”, which was a major innovation in portable TVs. The Watchman had grey-scaled picture quality but then switched to a LCD screen which allowed people to enjoy TV on the go for the first time.

The Eviant T7 is the arguably the best of the portable TVs between the ones put out in the market from 1970s until now. First of all, the Eviant T7 has a top notch tuner that has been major tests and professionals have found to be quite excellent. Receiving digital TV signals in some areas will still be a challenge using the built-in whip antenna, but you can’t expect everything to be perfect. Of all the portables, every one of them has problems in receiving signals in some places. Reviews put out by Best Buy and RadioShack say that the included external antenna helps a bit in that regard. Despite the relatively low resolution, picture quality is quite good and the audio is surprisingly robust.

Portable TVs have come a long way since the initial production, you can bet in the future it will be even better as the technological advancements have better so many things that people have in their possession.

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