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On the Pulse

by Chang Song | December 24th, 2010 | Product reviews

Now, shopping for Christmas can be tricky since it has to be products that your family members can enjoy and use on a fairly regular basis. That is why the Kodak Pulse Digital Photo Frames should be a gift of choice to give to your loved ones.

The digital picture frame is a really great choice for a Christmas gift because it ultimately brings your family a lot closer. The theme of Christmas is all about family and togetherness. The frame can allow you to preserve all your family memories just like photo albums. One of the more advanced ones is the Kodak Pulse which allows you to send picture over the internet to your distant relatives, plus you can also receive pictures easily from them, and your fifth cousin seventeen times removed isn’t so distant anymore.

The Kodak Pulse offers both a 7-inch and a 10-inch screen. It will display a greater contrast, make the photo seem more vibrant and make the photos look much sharper than the original photo. The Pulse also allows you to download photos from your computer, phone, and camera easily by connecting a USB from your phone, computer, or camera to the Pulse. It can store at least 100 photos and up to 4,000, depending on its storage room.

The Pulse also has features that can allow you to create videos and slideshows which could bring your family closer as a whole. The device is high definition and will allow you to see your family’s memories in the closest detail and has built-in lenses to eliminate blurry images which will help you to preserve family memories forever. Its Image Control System could also help to bring family traditions and memories into real life by providing you with sharper images and more colorful picture. The touch screen makes control much easier and can help you to custom your photo albums easily and effortlessly. With its Wi-Fi connection, it can allow you to send picture to your friends and receive pictures from them even though they are miles away with a touch of button through e-mail and, of course, the social network, Facebook.

The Kodak Digital Photo Frame is a great buy for the holidays because it can help a family reconnect and that is essentially what the big man and red-nosed reindeer had in mind.

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