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LeapFrog Tag Reading System

by T Akery | November 23rd, 2011 | Product reviews

The LeapFrog Tag Reading System is one of those toys designed to get your child to read. It is made to resemble a fat pen that your child can hold. As your child drags the pen over the words, it will read them out loud. It does come with an initial story book. You can buy other titles to add to your collection.

A computer and USB port is required to load the books onto the Tag system. The books have to be set-up and loaded before you use the system. It does connect to the online program where your child earns rewards to be printed out. It should be noted, that you will have to set up an account before you can load up the pen.

There are some books that are available online — although your child might do better by having the book in front of them, rather than listening to the story through the pen. It’s also easier to play games with the books handy.

For parents, the download and reward demands can be a hassle. The reward thing is especially annoying since it keeps popping up. There should be a way to disable it, since not everyone is keen on printable bookmarks.

The other issue was the price of the actual books. Even on clearance, they can be quite pricey. At over ten dollars a book when on clearance, you won’t be tempted to buy too many of them to go with the system. Of course, prices on the books do vary depending on location and store.

Kids do love the system though. They do like holding the pens and listening to the stories being told to them. The pen is a natural fit in their little hands. It is also easy for them to hold and use. If there are siblings, they will fight over the pen.

The price for the pen itself is fairly reasonable at under $30. Again, this is dependent on where you live and what store you go to. However, throwing in a few books can put this gift well above the $50 range.

If you plan on it as a Christmas gift, you will want to open the package and put the books onto the system before Christmas Day. The other thing is to inform family members so they can pick up a book or two for your child.

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