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Malls, Tweens, and Parents

by Michele March 31st, 2016| Entertainment, Tweens
Ahh. . .the lure of the mall. If you're a parent of a certain age range, you probably spent your fair share of weekend time there during your tween and teen years. Now you are the parent of a tween, and the mall has returned as a desired destination. This
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Family Dinners & the Tween Years

by Michele March 17th, 2016| Seasonal, Tweens
Family dinners. From so many of the statistics and articles you see, it seems that family dinners have gone by the wayside. With two parents working, kids involved in a multitude of sports and activities, and all the other pieces of modern life, family dinners may be less frequent. When
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Online Grading Systems & Tweens

by Michele March 10th, 2016| School, Tweens
Most public school systems in America utilize online grading systems for their students. These software tools allow teachers to keep track of grades and give parents and students the ability to view grades before progress reports or report cards are issued. These grading systems most definitely are helpful to all.

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Winter Safety Tips for Tweens

by Michele March 3rd, 2016| Safety, Tweens
Ahh, the tween years. They've developed a sense of independence and retain a good amount of knowledge. However, they also are dealing with a surge of hormones that can often cloud their judgment. While this isn't a seasonal issue (hormones prevail all year), there are some important considerations during the
tween gathering

Tween Sleepovers- Up All Night?

by Michele February 25th, 2016| Social, Tweens
The tween years, for boys and girls, tend to be filled with weekend sleepovers. At least in our house, they were. On a Friday or Saturday afternoon there was the rush of excitement- which friend to ask, which house to host, what movie to watch. Yes, these are the major

Casual vs. Proper Grammar & Tweens

by Michele February 11th, 2016| Communication, Tweens
I am a self-declared grammar fanatic. I believe in the proper conjugation of verbs, the correct use of punctuation, and everything else that makes for good writing. However, I also understand that there are exceptions to these rules. As a parent, I believe is my job to help teach my

Tween Behavior Issues and Advice

by Kimberly Hays February 4th, 2016| Behavior, Tweens
Tweens are at a point where they are pushing for more independence, and that’s not a bad thing because we have to start letting them make some decisions for themselves. They will be leaving for college in a few short years. Having that in perspective, it is time to let

Tweens and Instagram

by Michele January 28th, 2016| Social, Tweens
If you have a tween who owns a device that runs on the Android or iOS platform, they might have an Instagram account. However, Instagram, like all other social media platforms, has a policy of not allowing children under the age of 13 to use their app.  That being said,

Tweens and Hectic Schedules

by Kimberly Hays January 21st, 2016| Seasonal, Tweens
Tweens can have hectic schedules with school, sports, and other extracurricular activities. They can become totally exhausted, not to mention you, too. Keeping up with our adult work and family is tough enough, but we have to find a balance that works, so that everyone isn’t frazzled and stressed. Follow
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Keeping Your Tween on Track in School

by Kimberly Hays January 7th, 2016| School, Tweens
Your tween has been in school for a few months now, and they’ve enjoyed the holidays, and now it’s time to get back on a regular schedule. The middle of the school year is usually when kids hit a slump and lose their excitement about the school year and just
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Snapchat. Is it Kid Friendly?

by Gary Hays December 24th, 2015| Social, Tweens
With so many social media platforms, and new ones popping up almost daily, how can we as parents be certain which ones are right for our children? Which ones offer the proper level of security and privacy, ensuring our kids internet safety? Which ones allow parents the best methods of
tween girls

5 Tips on Handling the Holidays: Tweens

by Lori Sciame December 17th, 2015| Seasonal, Tweens
Presents...food...concerts...decorations...religious observances...parties...pageants...and STRESS.  The hype surrounding the holidays begins around November 1, and the frenzy doesn't end until after January 1.  This makes for a LONG holiday season. Adults have experience dealing with the holiday blitz; however, children have a more difficult time handling the pressures surrounding this fun, yet emotionally exhausting, time