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Should Your Tween Have a Cellphone?

by T Akery May 30th, 2011| Tweens
A cellphone is a device that dances a thin line between a necessity and a want. There are certainly valid arguments for both sides. But as a parent, a cellphone is also a device that requires a tween to be responsible and can also be the source of arguments.


A Look at a Teenage Paradox (Me)

by Jacob P. May 20th, 2011| Teen Perspective, Teens, Tweens
Tell me about about yourself, Jacob.

Well, you see, I'm a paradox. Maybe even an oxymoron.

May I ask how that is so?

You may.

Don't be a smart alack.

Okay, fine. I'm an anal-retentive teenage boy. So I'm naturally a lazy procrastinator, due to my age, but I am also a perfectionist.


Teaching Tweens About Budgeting Their Money

by T Akery May 5th, 2011| Tweens
The older children get, the more their toys cost. This is especially true for tweens who want the latest electronics. These big ticket items don't always fit into a household budget. With tighter economic times, now is the perfect time to teach your tween about how to budget their

Cell Phone Etiquette for Tweens

by Lori Sciame May 2nd, 2011| Tweens
One of my best grade school memories revolves around learning to use a rotary dial telephone correctly. Over a period of several days, the teacher not only talked about how to use the phone, but she discussed issues of etiquette as well. For example, we learned how

“I Like My Skin, But I Like Yours Too” – Cultural Competency for Tweens

by Lori Sciame March 2nd, 2011| Tweens
"Birds of a feather flock together." Most of the time, this cliché stands true. People who are alike tend to congregate - in the classroom, in the community, and even in the office. But this habit can have a negative effect. Although children may be

Alcohol Prevention Education – It’s Elementary

by Lori Sciame January 24th, 2011| Tweens
Jello shots, beer pong, binging...what do these references to alcohol have to do with elementary age children? A lot. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) states that the time to start talking to your children about underage drinking is when they are very young,


by Ronald A. Rowe January 17th, 2011| Elementary, Tweens
It happened. I don't know how it happened, but it happened. Just last week I was happily the father of two little boys. Now I have one little boy and one Tween.

In my vast research on Tweens, which consisted of Googling "Tween," I've learned that there isn't a generally

How to Properly Write a Christmas List

by Jacob P. November 29th, 2010| Teen Perspective, Teens, Tweens
Every Christmas, there is someone who asks for a lot and is looked at as greedy by everyone else. So, when Christmas comes around and you want a lot, what do you do?? Here are a few simple steps to prevent you from appearing greedy yourself.

  • First of all, look

Being Responsible: From the Teen’s View

by Jacob P. November 1st, 2010| Teen Perspective, Teens, Tweens
Sometimes, as a teenager, your mind tends to stray and you might forget about work until you are up late, working after-hours to get it done. This is very common and can be destructive to grades or jobs.

First of all, there are more types of procrastinators than you would

Getting Enough Sleep: From the Teen’s View

by Jacob P. October 20th, 2010| Teen Perspective, Teens, Tweens
Now that I am playing a sport that runs until 6:30 at night and am dealing with high school level homework, I am finding that I am not getting adequate sleep every night. More and more often, I find that I am not waking up in the morning on

Packing Lunch

by Michele September 2nd, 2010| Tweens
With the start of the school year, the daily chore of packing lunches has returned. Although, "What should I pack for lunch?" is the most frequently spoken questions in regards to lunch, there is another pressing query. That would be, "In what container should lunch be packed?"

The options are varied,

Cell Phones- Part 2

by Michele August 13th, 2010| Product reviews, Teens, Tweens
A couple weeks ago, I discussed the advantages associated with teens and tweens have their own cell phones. If you're thinking this might be a good purchase for your child, I have some suggestions regarding the purchase of the phone and choosing a contract.

The phone

Most cell phone carriers