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How to Properly Write a Christmas List

by Jacob P. | November 29th, 2010 | Teen Perspective, Teens, Tweens

Every Christmas, there is someone who asks for a lot and is looked at as greedy by everyone else. So, when Christmas comes around and you want a lot, what do you do?? Here are a few simple steps to prevent you from appearing greedy yourself.

  • First of all, look back and prioritize everything. This means that you look back and determine how much you want something, how much you need something, what it costs, and if you can get it by other means. If you are like me and over-analyze everything, this is easy for you. If not, just ask yourself each one of the questions.
  • Once you have cross-referenced the list, you need to put the results to good use. If you desperately need new shirts, you may not need to ask for it for Christmas because you NEED it.
  • Now, look into how much you want something and its value, or cost. You really should only ask for one or two large things and a few more smaller things, so determine what top the list at each of these categories. With this, you can narrow it down to the appropriate items for each value.
  • Finally, if you have leftover items you really want, you can subtly slip those into conversations with people not receiving the list, but remember the recipient of the list may pass some of the items on it around to others who are stumped. Thus, you may not want to double dip into someone.
  • When writing the list, you can’t be excessively blunt. Don’t just go out and say, “I want this, this and this.” You need to work the formalities in and be gentle. At the same time, you don’t want to be too careful and dance around the subject. At some point, you must dive in. That way, you don’t list everything that remains AFTER YOU HAVE NARROWED IT DOWN.

Writing a Christmas list is a gentle art that will take practice and over time become a finely tuned skill.

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