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A Special Mom & Daughters Morning

by Michele July 31st, 2008| Tweens

As a woman, I enjoy the occasional indulgence of a spa treatment. I have taken my 10 year old daughter for pedicures a couple times in her young life. She also has found these treatments to be delightful.

With a new 11 year old daughter in my life, I

A Son’s First Trip to Taco Bell

by TK July 9th, 2008| Tweens
I know it may be hard to believe that in the U.S. in 2008 there are people who have never had Taco Bell, but my stepson, Jacob was one of those people. He is 12 years old and had never had the pleasure of soft tacos from the land
hot cocoa

Snow Day!

by Michele March 28th, 2008| Tweens
Spring has arrived according to the calendar. However, I awoke to the announcement of no school today due to snow. So, on this fine Friday morning, the children are playing inside while I type away beside the fireplace.

Now that there is no school, the clamor begins for electronic