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A Special Mom & Daughters Morning

by Michele | July 31st, 2008 | Tweens

As a woman, I enjoy the occasional indulgence of a spa treatment. I have taken my 10 year old daughter for pedicures a couple times in her young life. She also has found these treatments to be delightful.

With a new 11 year old daughter in my life, I decided that the three of us should enjoy a morning of pampering. Reviewing the menus of local spas, I found one that offered a Mommy and Me package. Each of us would get a pedicure, mine including a paraffin dip, and a hand massage. The package typically is for a mom and one child, but the spa willingly accommodated 3 of us.

My 11 year old daughter had never been to a spa before this and was the more excited of the two. Upon arrival, each of us was given a glass of water in a goblet, which was quite a thrill in and of itself for the girls. Within minutes, our three aestheticians met us in the waiting area and brought us to the nail room. The girls chose the same shade of nail polish for their toes, climbed into their chairs, and got ready for their treatments.

The aestheticians were very kind to the girls and offered them entertainment magazines and checked that the water temperatures were fine. The girls enjoyed the massaging chairs and warm, bubbling water. I sat alongside them, soaking my feet, and listening to them giggle.

While only hand massages were part of the package, the aestheticians generously offered to do a quick fingernail painting for each girl. They happily agreed to this.

With freshly painted toenails and fingernails, the girls walked around the pond behind the spa while my treatment was finished. The spa owner reminded them that they had “princess hands” and to be careful of their wet polish. The girls loved this and strolled carefully on the lawn.

This definitely was an indulgence, but one that I feel was worth every cent. The girls were pampered, and we got to spend a day together. I plan to make this a yearly event, just three girls having a morning of fun.

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