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Snow Day!

by Michele | March 28th, 2008 | Tweens

Spring has arrived according to the calendar. However, I awoke to the announcement of no school today due to snow. So, on this fine Friday morning, the children are playing inside while I type away beside the fireplace.

Now that there is no school, the clamor begins for electronic entertainment. “Can we use the Wii?” and “Can we watch a movie?” are among the favored questions of the morning. While some time spent with these devices is okay, I am not thrilled with the idea of children staring at a glowing screen for 10 or more hours.

Luckily, the children tend to be creative and get lost in building with Legos or singing along with their favorite cds. But at some point in time, the request for plugged-in entertainment returns. When this happens, it is useful to have a bag of tricks available. Some of my favorites are:hot cocoa

  • baking cookies
  • making homemade playdough
  • filling spray bottles with colored water to use on snow creations
  • building a bedroom fort, using as many blankets as are available
  • having a spa, painting toenails and fingernails
  • painting
  • reading a chapter book to the kids (no matter their ages)

Of course, at the conclusion of any activity, hot cocoa and marshmallows will satisfy everyone!

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