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Tween School Success Tips

by Lori Sciame September 25th, 2014| School, Tweens
Cooks rely on recipes to guarantee successful outcomes.  Why?  The recipes they employ are tried and true.  In essence, the steps to a glorious main dish have stood the test of time.  Parents can rely on guidelines, or recipes, as well.  They can use time tested tips to help

Vive La Difference!

by Ronald A. Rowe September 18th, 2014| Social, Tweens
During the Junior High years, tweenagers are beginning to really come into their own, socially.  The natural inclination of the human condition is to seek out others similar to ourselves.  While there is nothing wrong with fraternizing amongst our most like peers, that should not be the sum total

Comprehensive Tween Safety Resource

by Lori Sciame September 11th, 2014| Safety, Tweens
The concept of the "one stop shop" has spread like wildfire across the United States.  After all, what's easier than finding everything you need in one place?

As one who writes articles concerning tween safety issues on a regular basis, I'm glad to be able to share a "one stop

Tackling Tween Anxiety Over the First Day of School

by T Akery September 4th, 2014| Behavior, Tweens
The first day of school is still a time of a high anxiety for Tweens. The day can be especially rough if your Tween is transitioning from elementary school to junior high school. This is a big change for your Tween to make. Often, it means starting a new
girl with schoolbooks

Help Your Tween Fit in at School

by Lori Sciame August 28th, 2014| School, Tweens
Tweens yearn to fit in at school.  It's an awkward time.  As outlined by the American School Counselor Association, children at this age must learn to cope with bodily changes, work on social skills, become adept at handling peer pressure, and develop personal interests and goals.  Add in the

Being Social in the 21st Century

by Ronald A. Rowe August 14th, 2014| Social, Tweens
The term “social” does not have the same connotation that it did when we were kids.  Teens today feel just as connected, if not more so, when they text or chat online as they do when talking with friends face to face.  Many of their younger siblings in the

Little Known Safety Hazards- Keep Your Tween Safe

by Lori Sciame August 14th, 2014| Safety, Tweens
Parents try their best to keep their children out of harm's way.  They strap a newborn into a car seat for her first car ride home, plus they childproof every room in the house - and this is only the beginning.  From the moment your child enters this world,

Helping Your Tween Identify Bad Friends

by T Akery August 7th, 2014| Behavior, Tweens
Your Tween is often immersed in their own social life. Sometimes, your Tween can pick the wrong friends. While it is important to protect them from bad friendships, it is also important to help them identify when they are in a bad friendship. Learning the difference between a good

Tackling Back to School with Tweens

by Lori Sciame July 31st, 2014| School, Tweens
Every stage of human development has its own unique characteristics, the tween years included. For instance, these young people struggle with emerging independence, as well as changing bodies.  For them, being a tween is both a scary and an exciting time.  As a parent, you can help your tween

Tween Tech: Balance It With Real Interaction

by Ronald A. Rowe July 24th, 2014| Social, Tweens
Raising 21st Century Tweens presents new challenges and opportunities that no previous generation of parents ever had to face.  Technology has gone mobile.  Smart phones are, in reality, portable computers that go everywhere the owner goes and open portals to a whole new world of possibilities, both good and

Tweens and Safe Travel: 3 “Musts” for Your Family

by Lori Sciame July 17th, 2014| Safety, Tweens
Traveling with children presents special safety concerns.  Unlike the familiarity of home, children will be exposed to new situations, lots of unfamiliar people, and to illnesses.  As stated by the U.S. Travel Association, "In 2012, 26 percent of domestic leisure travelers traveled with children under the age of 18

Breaking Your Tween’s Obsession with Video Games

by T Akery July 10th, 2014| Behavior, Tweens
Video games are addictive for many Tweens. While they can be fun and entertaining, they are also very time-consuming. This can disrupt the other things that your Tween needs to be doing such as homework, reading, socializing with other friends face-to-face and doing chores. After all, this is the