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Tween School Success Tips

by Lori Sciame | September 25th, 2014 | School, Tweens

IMG_0798Cooks rely on recipes to guarantee successful outcomes.  Why?  The recipes they employ are tried and true.  In essence, the steps to a glorious main dish have stood the test of time.  Parents can rely on guidelines, or recipes, as well.  They can use time tested tips to help them raise children who do well in school and ultimately, in life.

I am a parent of three, and I’ve come to realize that parenting not only takes strength, courage, and plenty of love, it also requires one to LEARN from others.

If you have a best friend who has two highly successful tweens, analyze his parenting style, as I’m sure you can glean a few tactics for success from him.  In addition, never hesitate to reach out to school counselors for tips on how to raise a tween.  These caring personnel will gladly assist you by providing current research and resources.  Finally, you can even count on local agencies, such as university extension offices, for great school success information.

The suggestions above may take a little time to complete, so I am offering a few tips you can implement NOW to assist your tween in being successful at school.  But be careful.  You don’t want to come off as too preachy!

One surefire way to help a tween be successful at school is to help her develop a curious mind.  Instead of just blindly going through life accepting things at surface level, teach your child to ask questions.  Teach them to ask “who, what, where, when, and why?”  These attempts at investigation will help her to see the world as a magical place, a place that rewards active learning.

Another way to ensure success: teach respect.  I certainly  understand that tweens must cope with lots of changes; however, they can be taught ways to deal with those changes in positive ways.  Instead of allowing a growing boy to “act out” due to the fact he’s a foot taller than everyone else in class, teach him to see his height as a gift.  Do not allow him to bully smaller children; teach him to respect differences in all of his classmates.

Tweens must also learn to respect adults.  Tweens who display respect for their teachers, the custodial staff, and the bus driver will go much further in life than those who do not.

Finally, establish a school day routine for your tween.  Make sure he or she has the right amount of sleep.  A  healthy diet also works wonders, as does proper personal hygiene.  Squeeze in daily homework sessions too, and you are well on your way to raising a tween who will be successful at school.

Raising a tween is easier than one might think.  Given the vast amount of resources available today, a parent can follow established guidelines, or recipes, for success.  However, instead of baking a perfect baked Alaska, you will be producing a tween who is engaged in school and who will more likely be successful in life.

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