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Family Vacation- Universal Orlando

by Michele December 8th, 2023| Helpful Hints

A theme park vacation seems to be a popular family trip. It makes sense- rides, shows, and maybe even recognizable characters. While there are so many fun things about this sort of trip, there also are detractors.

How to Select the Best Kratom for Pain Relief

by Editorial Team December 16th, 2020| Helpful Hints

Have you been suffering from chronic pain for some time and you are now wondering about the best alternative to opioid-based medication? Although prescription drugs have proven to be effective, they come with severe side effects, including addition. 
However, it is

Moving to the United Kingdom: what do you need to know?

by Editorial Team February 21st, 2019| Helpful Hints

If your family are fond of the nomadic lifestyle or have a possible job transfer coming up,you might be seriously considering life across the pond. The biggest benefit of living in the United Kingdom is the shared language: doing even a short migration to a country with a different language can start off slowly as

How to Stay Stylish as a Busy Mom

by Editorial Team November 5th, 2018| Helpful Hints
When you are juggling a million errands a day, have a long list of jobs to do, and perhaps additionally work a full time or part time job as well, it can be all-too-easy to feel overstretched. As a mom, you take on many roles every day, and sometimes it

5 Interesting Ways to Use Wood in Your Home

by Editorial Team August 22nd, 2018| Helpful Hints
Wood is one of the best materials to use in the home for a number of reasons. It’s highly sustainable, can be adapted to suit many rooms and purposes and is durable and long-lasting. In the USA the majority of homes themselves are made of wood, though this can pose

5 Things to Try for a Zen Mind

by Editorial Team July 25th, 2018| Helpful Hints
When we think about stress, we often think about the physical facet of it and forget or ignore the mental or emotional parts. But the truth of the matter is that the latter is as important, sometimes even more so when it comes to our wellbeing. You can’t achieve

Don’t Let Your Hairstyle Make You Look 10 Years Older – Hot Styles for Savvy Moms

by Editorial Team January 8th, 2018| Helpful Hints
Banana clips are really convenient for keeping your hair out of your face, but when you pair them with feathered bangs you look like something straight out of the 1980s. The same goals for bowl haircuts, or chunky blonde highlights that were made famous by the ‘Friends’ characters. Most women
haircut boy

How Mompreneurs Can Open Their Own Beauty Business

by Editorial Team December 30th, 2015| Helpful Hints
We all know that being a mother is the toughest job any woman can have. But an even tougher course is being both a mother and a student. However, just because the mother/student course is hard to master, it does not mean that the time spent in classrooms and simulated

Learn to Stay in Love (Updated)

by Editorial Team August 2nd, 2013| Elementary, Helpful Hints
One of our own parenting specialists, Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil, is now offering an online course -- Marriage and Relationships: Keys to Success.  If you like Dr. Bonnie's answers to our Parenting Predicaments, you'll love her advice on building a solid bond with your partner.

She says,

The Fatherhood Games

by Ronald A. Rowe March 28th, 2012| Helpful Hints, Tweens
I am officially the father of a Tween now. I was spared the whole Twilight ordeal because my children were too young to care about some mopey girl and her Vampire / Werewolf suitors. But The Hunger Games? That's a whole other story.

My now

Public Speaking

by Ronald A. Rowe December 23rd, 2011| Elementary, Helpful Hints
Sometimes, you try everything you can think of to inspire or educate your child and it still doesn't work.  But sometimes -- not so often, but sometimes -- you stumble on something by accident that really gets the job done.

My ten-year-old son is a fearless public speaker.  He'll get

Football and Life Lessons

by Ronald A. Rowe November 11th, 2011| Elementary, Helpful Hints
It's one of those things that everyone knows but no one really comes out and says out loud. The coach's son gets to be the quarterback. Not always. If there's another player who is much, much better, he'll usually get the job. But if it's anywhere close, the coach's