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Family Vacation- Universal Orlando

by Michele | December 8th, 2023 | Helpful Hints

A theme park vacation seems to be a popular family trip. It makes sense- rides, shows, and maybe even recognizable characters. While there are so many fun things about this sort of trip, there also are detractors. After a recent trip to Universal Orlando, I have a handful of hints.

Get the Universal Express Pass

I’m not being paid to write that. I also know that it is an expensive add-on to a trip that already costs a decent amount of money. However, the time that it will save is worth it. In fact, I would even suggest going for one day with an express press rather than two days without it.
As an example, the line to ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey was two hours long. With an express pay we waited 25 minutes. While many families completed one ride, we could have gone on this ride four times! While they do provide some entertainment while you wait, the shorter wait time is much better.

Consider splitting your day into two parts

Whether you are staying on property or off, a break in the middle of the day is beneficial. Get to the park as soon as allowed and enjoy a few hours at shows and on rides. Then, around midday head back to your lodging. Take a nap, get some work done, lounge by the pool. It doesn’t matter, but this break is going to make the rest of the day great. Not only will you be rested, but you’ll also have the opportunity to eat lunch for less money. Plus, you’ll miss a good chunk of the heat of the day. (This is Florida.)

In mid to late afternoon return to the park. As the sun lowers in the sky and you’ve replenished your energy, it’s time to tackle more adventures. The park will still be busy, but you will be rejuvenated and ready to explore more.

Universal Orlando park to park passes?

When I went to Orlando, I purchased a two-park pass that allowed us to go to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios. This worked well for us, as we were there for three days. However, I don’t think it is mandatory. It depends on what you are seeking in this trip.

If you are focused on rides, Islands of Adventures tickets are all you need. Universal Studios does have rides, but most of them are indoor roller coasters. Are there thrills? Yes. Do they compare to the thrills at IoA? Not really. If you’re looking to make this trip as economical as possible, buy tickets for Islands of Adventure with an express pass and make the most of it. If you have more room in your budget, then go for the multi-park pass.

There also is Volcano Bay, but I did not spend any time there. Based on the quality of the entertainment at the other two parks, I’m sure it is a fun, water-focused day.

If a theme park vacation is in your future, consider these tips before booking.

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