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3 Steps to Effective Written Communication: Tweens

by Lori Sciame August 1st, 2023| Communication, Tweens
As a college English teacher, I often work with students who have trouble communicating through the written word. Most of these students have magnetic personalities, and they are highly verbal; however, they just can't seem to organize their thoughts into an effective essay. Why does this happen?  From experience,

The Terrible Tween Years?

by Michele August 15th, 2022| Communication, Tweens
Your tween wants to be a teenager so very badly. It seems that the world of a teen is much more exciting- able to go to more places on their own, later bedtimes, driver's licenses, dating. Yes, it is an exciting world. But for now your tween is stuck in

Showing Encouragement During the Tween Years

by YPI Editors October 25th, 2016| Communication, Tweens
When your child is in preschool or elementary school, it can be pretty simple to show encouragement. Maybe you put a drawing from art class on the refrigerator or offer a sticker for learning a new task. However, now that your child is a tween, these behaviors may seem babyish.

Praise: Perfect in Moderation

by Michele June 9th, 2016| Communication, Tweens
The tween years can be tricky. (I know, I've said it numerous times.) However, they really can be. During these years we need to focus on our children's self-esteem even more. Of course, we need to do it judiciously, as it is important to give them a good foundation, but
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One-on-One Time: Key to Tween Talks

by Michele April 7th, 2016| Communication, Tweens
Do you remember the awkwardness of being a tween? You didn't feel like a kid anymore, but you also weren't a teenager. You were stuck in the in-between of adolescence. One day you wanted to play with your childhood toys, and the next you were enviously studying teen-directed magazines. The

Casual vs. Proper Grammar & Tweens

by Michele February 11th, 2016| Communication, Tweens
I am a self-declared grammar fanatic. I believe in the proper conjugation of verbs, the correct use of punctuation, and everything else that makes for good writing. However, I also understand that there are exceptions to these rules. As a parent, I believe is my job to help teach my
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5 Communication Blunders Tweens Should Avoid

by Lori Sciame December 3rd, 2015| Communication, Tweens
Humans are social creatures; however, we do not arrive in this world with pre-programmed communication skills. On the contrary, learning to communicate effectively happens after lots of practice. For example, terms such as verbal and non-verbal communication need to be defined, then effective examples of each must be mastered.  In essence,
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Communicating With Your Tween

by Gary Hays October 22nd, 2015| Communication, Tweens
The tween years are awkward for kids. They are slowly surrendering their beloved childhood, yet sometimes are reluctant and apprehensive about crossing that full-fledged teenager line. Generally, this apprehension to forge forward can be contributed to a fear of the unknown, so the transition is many times a gradual
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School, Smartphones and your Special Needs Tween

by C. Finkbeiner September 10th, 2015| Communication, Tweens
Every eleven year old would love for their parents to go out and buy them the latest iPhone so they can take it to school and show everyone how cool it is. The surge of wireless technology has become a major crutch to communication for lots of active adults
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How to Improve Your Tween’s Communication Skills

by Lori Sciame May 28th, 2015| Communication, Tweens
Are you tired of the grunts and groans you receive from your tween when you try to talk to her? Do you fear that she will be held back socially and academically because she falters when it comes to talking with her peers as well as to adults?  If