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Winter Safety Tips for Tweens

by Michele | March 3rd, 2016 | Safety, Tweens

frozen lakeAhh, the tween years. They’ve developed a sense of independence and retain a good amount of knowledge. However, they also are dealing with a surge of hormones that can often cloud their judgment. While this isn’t a seasonal issue (hormones prevail all year), there are some important considerations during the chill of winter.

Issue 1- The Coat Battle

I don’t know why, but most tweens declare that they don’t need a coat- even when the temps are below freezing. Apparently coats are uncool, not something to be seen wearing unless on the ski slopes.

Solution 1

If you will be spending most of your time in the car, such as for going to the mall or the drive to a friend’s house, you don’t have to wear a coat. If you have a mile walk to school, you need to wear a coat. Also, to help with the battle, your tween should be choosing the coat that will be bought (within reasonable pricing).

Issue 2- The Shorts Problem

Again, not something I really understand, but when my son was a tween he wanted to wear shorts in the winter. Why? How? There are these lovely things called pants that are made to keep your lower extremities warm. However, he and almost every other tween boy I know have this same debate.

Solution 2

Unlike the coat debate, this decision wasn’t limited to just location. A day at school in shorts may be miserable if the temperature is subfreezing, even though you are indoors. We negotiated a minimal temperature required to wear shorts. I’ll leave it to you and your family to figure out what that temperature is. Be warned, no matter what temperature you choose, your tween will want lower, and that will give him or her a chance to work on the fine art of negotiating.

Issue 3- Ice

As opposed to the first two winter concerns, which are lighter, this one is serious. Playing on ice, whether it be skating, playing hockey, or what have you, is something that most kids enjoy, but it is a pastime with serious consequences.

Solution 3

If your child wants to skate on a neighbor’s homemade rink, that’s fine. If your tween wants to skate on a pond, stream, or other body of water, this can only be done after review by an adult.

No exceptions.

Explain to your tween the dangers of unsafe ice and that ice that is fine one day, can be problematic the next. There are no negotiations or discussions. Ice play is only allowed with express permission. Remind them that just because others think it’s a good idea, it still is an idea that needs to be checked with a responsible adult.

Winter provides plenty of opportunities for your tween to learn how to utilize her independence and knowledge and make good decisions. Be there to guide her, and it can be a good experience for all.

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