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Archives for 2015

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How Mompreneurs Can Open Their Own Beauty Business

by Editorial Team December 30th, 2015| Helpful Hints
We all know that being a mother is the toughest job any woman can have. But an even tougher course is being both a mother and a student. However, just because the mother/student course is hard to master, it does not mean that the time spent in classrooms and simulated

3 Perfect Hairstyles for a Child’s First Haircut

by Editorial Team December 27th, 2015| Preschool
Many parents get very excited when planning to take their child for their first haircut and do their best to make their experience as pleasant as possible. The decision to cut a child’s hair usually depends on the preference of the parents, but the majority of them do it
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Teens, Technology, and the Need for a Listener: Part II

by Jane Wangersky December 25th, 2015| Behavior, Teens
Our interview with Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, creator of the short film The Truth, continues.

What can parents do to teach their teens boundaries in social media and other online sharing?

I think the simplest thing is to not allow social media use unless you are privy to
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Snapchat. Is it Kid Friendly?

by Gary Hays December 24th, 2015| Social, Tweens
With so many social media platforms, and new ones popping up almost daily, how can we as parents be certain which ones are right for our children? Which ones offer the proper level of security and privacy, ensuring our kids internet safety? Which ones allow parents the best methods of
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Improve Behavior with Feedback

by Joe Lawrence December 23rd, 2015| Behavior, Elementary
Elementary school children and good behavior are not often spoken in the same sentence. Children can really test the limits of their parents and sometimes even their teachers. However, there are a few ways to help them stay off of the naughty list.

All parents dread the infamous “terrible twos” and
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Soothing Separation Anxiety in Preschoolers

by Marnie Bii December 22nd, 2015| Behavior, Preschool
Although separation anxiety hits in full force at 18 months to 2 years of age, those frustrating feelings commonly resurface as preschoolers get ready to enter school. The newfound independence of attending preschool can make kids feel unsure, out of sorts and anxiety ridden. With a little support, these anxious
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The Important Gift of Giving

by Gary Hays December 16th, 2015| Elementary, Seasonal
When all through the house there arose such a clatter… As elementary schools dismiss for the holiday season, excited children prepare to spend a couple of weeks completely underfoot in anticipation of the bearded jolly fat man shimmying down the chimney with his big bag full of goodies. While
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Teens, Technology, and the Need for a Listener

by Jane Wangersky December 11th, 2015| Social, Teens
Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, psychologist and author (novels The Truth, Diary Of A Gutsy Tween and Secrets: Diary Of A Gutsy Teen, also the stage play The Locket), is addressing teen issues in a new format -- film. Her short film The Truth, now
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Catholic High School Education Proves Valuable

by Editorial Team December 9th, 2015| Elementary
Parents who choose to send their children to Catholic high schools may have a set of goals that differ from those of many other families. Religious instruction is chief among those priorities, but it certainly isn’t the only consideration. Let’s look at some of the reasons a Catholic
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What to Teach Children About Fighting

by Joe Lawrence December 9th, 2015| Elementary, Social
“I do not want to see you starting a fight, but you better end it!” This was the advice of my father when I was in school; however, is it still relevant today?

I was am the youngest of five and have three older brothers, fighting was not a foreign
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Expression Mimicking: Infant Socialization

by Marnie Bii December 7th, 2015| Infants/Toddlers, Social
Infants carefully observe their parents to begin learning social skills immediately upon entering this world. Infants take in a ton of information each day just by observing interactions between people in the room. Whenever possible, their attention is zeroed in on their parent's facial expressions and body language. Infants