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Teen’s Perspective on The Talk

by Sam P. | December 4th, 2015 | Communication, Teens

mom and daughter (400x400)We’ve all been there.  That horribly awkward moment when your parents sit you down for “the talk”.  You know it’s coming and just how horrible it could be.  It doesn’t have to be that way though.  Keep in mind that your parents or guardians are just looking out for you and trying to keep you safe.

The biggest thing to remember during the talk it to actually talk.  It will be far more awkward if it is just your mom sitting there lecturing you on the importance of safe sex while you try to tune her out.  Engage in the conversation.  It may be an uncomfortable time, but your relationship with your parent will be so much closer after.  It is far better to be open and honest with your parents about things, especially when they are coming to you to talk about it.  If your dad is telling you about the importance of using a condom and you feel as though you have already been lectured out the wazoo about it, tell them.  But also remember to always use a condom because it is the only way to really protect from STDs.

The talk is also a great time to bring things up to your parents.  Whether it is that you think you want to start seeing a gynecologist because your cramps are so bad you’re in tears, or you have questions about condoms, always ask your parents.  Sure Joey may think he knows a lot about sex, but when it comes down to it your parents know quite a bit more.

The best thing is to always be honest with your parents and talk to them.  Good communication is key to a good relationship, even on the awkward subjects.  If you feel ready to go on birth control, ask your mom.  If you are having relationship troubles, talk to your dad.  Your parents will almost always have the best advice because they are truly looking out for you and just you.

I am so grateful for the relationship I have with my mom, and it all comes down to the fact that I am so open with her.  No, I don’t tell her all the dirty little details (ew), but I do tell her just about everything.  From when I felt ready to go on birth control, to friendship problems, my mom is always the person I go to.  So when the time for the talk comes, let it happen.  Don’t try to avoid it.  Be open and talk to your parents about everything, your relationship will grow stronger because of it.

(Photo courtesy of Michael Jung)

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