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Talking to Your Teen at Dinner

by Jane Wangersky October 16th, 2023| Communication, Teens
Getting teens to talk is hard, getting a contemporary family together for a sit-down dinner is hard, so why attempt to do both at the same time? Because a few simple (not easy) things you can do will help make it a time for the family to reconnect with
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How to Tell Someone You Want to Exchange a Gift

by Sam P. December 5th, 2022| Communication, Teen Perspective, Teens
Christmas is a wonderful time of family gatherings and gift giving, but what do you do when the present your dear grandmother gave you is a sweater you can never imagine yourself wearing?  You don't want to hurt her feelings, but you also don't want to have the sweater

Teens and Praise

by Sam P. June 13th, 2022| Communication, Teens
As a teen, we often feel that our achievements are overshadowed by our mistakes, that all we ever hear are critiques, never praise for our success.  Praise is an important part of the growth process for teens to gain self confidence in themselves and what they do.  Without it they

Showing Encouragement During the Teen Years

by YPI Editors October 29th, 2018| Communication, Teens
Your teen is inching ever closer to adulthood; how, as a parent, do you show pride and encourage him? For many parents, these years are divided into distinct camps- over-saturation and negligible. Like most things in life the answer is somewhere between the two.

Over-saturation: These are the parents that praise

How and Why Is Your Teen Changing How They Communicate?

by Jane Wangersky August 12th, 2016| Communication, Teens
As your tween grows into a teen, you may find it harder to decode what they’re feeling at times. Other times, it will seem all too clear -- but does your teen really mean all the overblown things they may be saying?

Here are three ways kids’ communicating their feelings to
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Teens: Talking with People of All Ages

by Jane Wangersky June 3rd, 2016| Communication, Teens
This week the topic’s teen communication -- but this time, it’s about how teens communicate with the rest of us. Or don’t.

There’s a lot more to it than teens trying not to swear when there are little kids around (though that is appreciated, believe me). There’s so much that I’m
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When and Where to Talk to Teens

by Jane Wangersky April 8th, 2016| Communication, Teens
It may seem like there’s never a good time or place to talk to your teen -- but there are moments here and there. You can’t book them, so you have to watch out for them and use these moments when they come.

When are they likely to come? Here’s what

6 Ways to Communicate with Teens About Health

by Jane Wangersky February 12th, 2016| Communication, Teens
Getting through to your teen about healthy living takes some work. Teens usually hate to be talked at -- and they’re quick to let you see that -- and they may have a feeling that health issues are something that happen to other people, not them. But that doesn’t mean
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Teen’s Perspective on The Talk

by Sam P. December 4th, 2015| Communication, Teens

We've all been there.  That horribly awkward moment when your parents sit you down for "the talk".  You know it’s coming and just how horrible it could be.  It doesn't have to be that way though.  Keep in mind that your parents or

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Communicating With Teens About Sickness

by Jane Wangersky February 13th, 2015| Communication, Teens
It can be hard seeing a teen through flu season. Like anyone else who’s physically an adult, they’re vulnerable to all the nasty sicknesses going around, but they can be too easily embarrassed, or too independent, to admit something’s going wrong with their bodies. You’ll probably have a pretty
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Communicating with Your Teen

by Jennifer S. Rowe November 21st, 2014| Communication, Teens
The two words teens and communication for the most part, do not necessarily go together very well, and that is a shame, because it doesn’t always have to be that way. I want to make clear that I am not under the illusion that things are always going to

How to Communicate with Your Teen — By A Teen

by Sam P. October 17th, 2014| Communication, Teen Perspective, Teens
I love my mom, but when we argue I sometimes feel like she isn't hearing what I say.  Being a 16-year-old girl oftentimes it may just be me overreacting about a stupid boy, or having the typical teenage reaction when life doesn't always go my way, but sometimes I