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How to Tell Someone You Want to Exchange a Gift

by Sam P. | December 5th, 2022 | Communication, Teen Perspective, Teens

gift (400x400)Christmas is a wonderful time of family gatherings and gift giving, but what do you do when the present your dear grandmother gave you is a sweater you can never imagine yourself wearing?  You don’t want to hurt her feelings, but you also don’t want to have the sweater go to waste and just sit in your closet for a year until you finally “outgrow it” and tell your mom to give it to charity.  This scenario happens all the time during the Christmas season, and the best thing to do is just tell dear old granny the truth.

There are a few ways to go about this, and of course the best way to do it is to just be honest.  Be respectful and kind, but tell the truth.  Pull them aside and simply tell them that you love the thought and it’s a very pretty garment, but you don’t know if it is exactly your style.  Of course, you want to get a new sweater, or something else, but you have to be nice.  You can’t walk up to them and tell them that it is ugly and you want to return it.  Keep in mind that they have feelings too, and they really did think you would like what they got you.

I do understand if, no matter how kindly you put it the person who gave you the gift is a fragile person and would be insulted, so in certain scenarios a white lie is acceptable.  I’m not saying to flat out lie and tell them you like it, but simply put it in easier terms.  You can tell them that it’s great, but it doesn’t fit well, but this can backfire in your face because you may end up with another ugly sweater that is too big.  The best option is to tell them that it doesn’t fit overly well, and you don’t wear that color.  You aren’t telling them you don’t like it, it is just a matter of clashing tones.  If they understand, offer to go with them or have your mom go with them when they exchange it, and casually point out a different item of clothing you adore.

If you got the present with a gift receipt things become a bit easier.  Still be polite and courteous, and tell the person who gave you the gift thank you very much, but it isn’t exactly the type of sweater you would wear, but you don’t have to go about hoping they choose a better gift when they exchange it.  Seeing that they gave you a gift receipt also says that they would be more understanding if you wanted to exchange the gift.  A person who thinks you would love it and would most likely be hurt if you asked them to exchange it for something else would not put a gift receipt in with the present because they think they know exactly what their dear granddaughter loves to wear.

Your best option is always to be kind, thankful, and honest.

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