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Baby’s First Time Getting a Haircut

by T Akery | August 9th, 2012 | Infants/Toddlers

Eventually, you will want to take your child to get their hair cut. It can be a stressful experience for your baby. That fear comes from going to a strange place and not knowing exactly what to expect. You can help your baby through this experience with a few of these tips.

With all new first trips, it helps if you talk to your baby in simple terms about the process of what is going to happen. Keep your explanation on their level. You may need to accompany your discussion with a demonstration. You can easily turn this into a fun game to get them comfortable with getting in a chair and letting someone touch their hair. Going to the hair salon will seem less scary if you turn it into fun.

Make certain they are in a good mood before going. Make sure they have had their nap, aren’t hungry and are in a happy mood. If they are overly tired or need something, they are going to be harder to handle and getting them to actually sit still in a chair may be impossible. However, you do want to let them run around some before going to get some of their energy out.

Let them take their favorite comfort item with them. This will help them stay calmer in a new environment. It will also help if they start becoming stressed out by the whole experience.

Don’t try to take them to the hair salon on the same day that they have other new things to do. This only adds to their stress levels and all of those new experiences can lead to a huge meltdown. If your baby needs some down time, then skip the haircut and save it for another day.

Finally, don’t forget the camera. This is one of those moments you will want to capture and save for later. After all, it is one of baby’s firsts.

Getting a haircut is a new experience. It can be very scary for babies to be in a new environment even if it is only for a few minutes. The trick is to get them anticipating the visit so it will be less hassle for you and less stressful for them.

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