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Archives for 2010


by Ronald A. Rowe December 31st, 2010| Product reviews
The day after Christmas - so many options for a product review. Although there are many new additions to the Rowe boys' toy basket, there is one that I'm more impressed with than any other.Mindflex is a children's game created by NeuroSky Brain-Computer Interface Technologies. Basically, it is the

Children and Religion: From the Teen’s View, Episode 2

by Jacob P. December 29th, 2010| Teen Perspective, Teens
Again, before I begin, I know I am touching on what is one of the hottest and most tender subjects out there. I do not want to insult anyone, I merely want to express my opinions on the subject.

Now, in the last article, I expressed my opinions on religion

What Really Matters…

by Joe Lawrence December 27th, 2010| Infants/Toddlers
When it comes to parenting, it is really easy to become consumed in the things that don't really matter at all. We focus on some little detail we heard about online or from another parent and spend our time trying to avoid this situation. Even when it comes to

On the Pulse

by Chang Song December 24th, 2010| Product reviews
Now, shopping for Christmas can be tricky since it has to be products that your family members can enjoy and use on a fairly regular basis. That is why the Kodak Pulse Digital Photo Frames should be a gift of choice to give to your loved ones.

The digital picture


by Ronald A. Rowe December 22nd, 2010| Elementary, Helpful Hints
At what age is Facebook OK? On the surface, it seems like the ideal platform for a kid to test the waters of social networking. The personal information is available to only those pre-approved "Friends." Language and content can be easily screened by limiting those who have

Teen Perspective: On Eating Snow

by Louise December 20th, 2010| Teen Perspective
Winter is my favorite season, and that's because I absolutely adore snow. I love sledding, skiing, playing in the snow, and of course, coming inside to enjoy the cup of hot cocoa that always follows a few hours of activity in the snow. Shoveling? Okay, I don't enjoy that


by Ronald A. Rowe December 17th, 2010| Product reviews
LCR is a simple, straightforward game that is fun for the whole family. It's also very affordable; LCR retails for under $10. It's cheap because there isn't much materially involved in the game, but it boasts a level of fun equal to that of much pricier alternatives.

LCR comes with

Children and Religion: From the Teen’s View, Episode 1

by Jacob P. December 15th, 2010| Teen Perspective, Teens
Now, before I begin, I know I am touching on what is one of the hottest and most tender subjects out there. I do not want to insult anyone, I merely want to express my opinions on the subject.

After providing that brief disclaimer, I am here to express my

Little Gym, Little Gym, Let Me In

by Joe Lawrence December 13th, 2010| Infants/Toddlers
A few weeks back we took our daughter to a free trial lesson at the Little Gym right here in Charleston, SC. I was a skeptic from the onset, but later converted into a fan. Here is a quick rundown.

For starters, the staff was very friendly and professional. We

Scrabble Flash

by Louise December 10th, 2010| Product reviews
Not too long ago, Itouted a few of my favorite word games, but it seems I spoke too soon! I recently received Scrabble Flash as a gift, and it is the most addictive word game I have ever come across. Scrabble Flash, as you might have guessed,

I’d Take it for You if I Could

by Ronald A. Rowe December 8th, 2010| Elementary
When I was a boy - many, many years ago - I had bronchitis. It was painful and draining and generally no fun. I still remember my mother saying to me, "I'd take it for you if I could". It was a nice sentiment, but I couldn't really understand

The Unwanted Piece of Paper

by Chang Song December 6th, 2010| Teen Perspective
Every teen dreads the day that report cards come home to parents. Even for students who get good grades, it is not a great day to be in school (not that any day is a great day to be in school) at least for some students. Report card distribution