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The Unwanted Piece of Paper

by Chang Song | December 6th, 2010 | Teen Perspective

Every teen dreads the day that report cards come home to parents. Even for students who get good grades, it is not a great day to be in school (not that any day is a great day to be in school) at least for some students. Report card distribution day is a day of anxiety, relief, and, of course, disappointment.

On the day of report card distribution, it is usually anxiety for everybody. It doesn’t really matter if you are a good student or not, it is lack of patience rather than anything else that is torturing them slowly inside. Let’s face it, patience isn’t one of America’s strength. That is why McDonald and KFC are in business.

Anyway, it is very uneasy for students to wait for their homeroom teacher to distribute their report cards. I remember they used to have you pick up your report cards at the end of the school day as you have go back to your homeroom to get your report card. I have always struggled concentrating in class and I bet many kids (not only teenagers) have as well during those kinds of days because you are so worried about what your report card is going to look like. I mean, some of us have to think up an escape plan since repercussions of a bad report card could be bad. I could not tell you how many times I packed my bag with one toy and told myself I was running away when I was a little kid. “Me and he-man are out.”

But when kids get their report cards, they can have two polar opposite reactions. They are either very disappointed or very relieved from my observations in the past. If the kid has a good report card when he or she gets home, parents should celebrate with the kid and put it on the fridge. When a kid has a bad report card, parents need to encourage rather than yell. I know many people are all about the drama but morale and confidence go a long way. At the end of day the kid is still a kid and still needs support to help them be a better student and a person.

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