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What Really Matters…

by Joe Lawrence | December 27th, 2010 | Infants/Toddlers

When it comes to parenting, it is really easy to become consumed in the things that don’t really matter at all. We focus on some little detail we heard about online or from another parent and spend our time trying to avoid this situation. Even when it comes to spending our days researching healthy foods and being chemical free, we can overdo it.

I always wondered why moms obsess with making their baby look like a boy or girl. Our daughter had short hair up until now and if we put her in somewhat neutral clothes, a passerby might say, “he is a real cutie.” My wife would get all stressed. It is not like if ten people call her a boy, she turns into one. Who cares? They are strangers in a store. However, this is one little detail we may consume our time with. Does it really matter?

We all have the in-law or really “wise” relative who offers all types of advice. You know the kind who raised a child 20 years ago and knows it all. These are the ones who tell you all about something they heard on Oprah about how if you let your child sleep facing north, they will take longer to learn to read (I just made that up…relax). A parent would go crazy trying to keep a child from moving while slumbering, but we want what’s best for our little one.

You can tell me I should spend every second teaching her sounds and colors and that she shouldn’t be held too often, but I truly don’t care. I will listen and smile. Maybe even say thank you; however,when my daughter laughsuncontrollably because I am making a silly noise, that is Heaven. When we are in a store and she wants me to lift her from the cart so can feel safe that makes me bulletproof. She is what matters in my life. Her being happy, healthy and knowing her parents love her every moment is what really matters.

Focus on your child, not all the tiny little details.

  1. GREAT article and SO true!

    I just love all these “experts” that tell you your kids have to do this at 18 months and that at 22 months and GOD forbid they don’t.. extra help with this, extra help for that.. all I can say to that is LET KIDS BE KIDS, they will have a lifetime of being grown up!

    Children won’t remember if they could write their own name at 3, 4 or 5 years old, but they will remember if you took the time to play with her doll or his trains, or played with them in the backyard.

    Just remember what was important to you and what you remember from your childhood and make it even better for your children!


  2. Joe Lawrence says:

    Thank you for sharing that Carola. I agree 100%!

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