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Little Gym, Little Gym, Let Me In

by Joe Lawrence | December 13th, 2010 | Infants/Toddlers

A few weeks back we took our daughter to a free trial lesson at the Little Gym right here in Charleston, SC.  I was a skeptic from the onset, but later converted into a fan.  Here is a quick rundown.

For starters, the staff was very friendly and professional.  We felt welcome the moment we walked in the door.  In fact, I actually had the feeling as if I knew the instructor, she was so personable.  It only got better from that moment.

All the parents arrived shortly after us and some were new while others were clear veterans.  I think our daughter was the youngest in the class at 13 months, but it really made no difference.  Developmentally, everyone seemed to be very close out of the ten lads.  Our instructor made the class engaging and challenging for all.

We started with a warm-up exercise of trying to get the young’ns to clap and get into the rhythm of a song.  Then we introduced the family and watched as the children attempted a high five.  This portion of the class made me a skeptic as I observed the kids staring at the adults as we were doing what we were trying to make them do.  I almost heard their thoughts as they called us fools.

Following the adult sing-a-long, there was instruction on how to do a somersault.  She placed hands and feet stickers on the ground and we spotted our daughter as she did a forward roll.  She loved it!  After this the students had time to explore the gym and all the different apparatus.

As the time went on, differing skills were explored.  She kicked a ball, popped bubbles and continued to explore and climb.  It was a great play day.  And that is all I thought it was, until the Mrs. decided to sign her up for more.

I was only onboard for the social aspect of her getting to play with all the kids, since she has an in-home nanny.  That was until I saw her attempting the somersault at home.  Now, I’m a converted skeptic.

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