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Date Plans

by Sam P. November 8th, 2012| Teen Perspective, Teens
Now, I know I have already given you a variety of places to go on dates, but that was for the spring or summer. In the winter it's different. You can no longer go to the beach, or a lake, or the park. And it becomes much more difficult

Patience: From the Teen’s View

by Jacob P. October 31st, 2012| Teen Perspective, Teens
Patience is a virtue. This oft-uttered phrase is one of the truest cliches found in modern society. Although it is widely used, almost to the point of being overused, it stands true. At many points in life, patience will be a necessity to achieve something that you want. Rushing

Homecoming Dresses

by Sam P. October 25th, 2012| Teen Perspective, Teens
Now some of you may have already had your school's homecoming dance, or just aren't having one, but some of you may not have. My school's homecoming dance is this Saturday, and I am psyched! But the difficult thing about homecoming is nobody ever knows just how fancy, or

Dealing with Poor Coaching

by Jacob P. October 16th, 2012| Teen Perspective
Before I get into this, I just thought that I would clarify that I am not going to state any names, or the sports these coaches were involved with, so that no one is potentially offended and no fingers are pointed. All of these coaches had good intentions and

How to Take a Break, Without Actually Doing So

by Sam P. October 11th, 2012| Teen Perspective, Teens
I love sports. And working out. When I joined, I was fit, but I didn't work out much. Now I do it four times a week. I used to not understand what people meant when they said they loved working out and doing sports because of the "runner's high"

Losing: From the Teen’s View

by Jacob P. October 2nd, 2012| Teen Perspective, Teens
Losing is an inherent part of life. Whether or not we like to admit it, we all lose at some point or another. As Confucius once said, "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but rather in rising every time we fall." This statement is one of my

How to Survive High School

by Sam P. September 28th, 2012| Teen Perspective, Teens
Being a ripe high schooler glowing with freshness I may not know everything there is to know about surviving high school, but I do know quite a bit already.

First off, go to your locker between every class. In my grade there are numerous kids who do not even use

Punishment Systems: From the Teen’s View

by Jacob P. September 18th, 2012| Teen Perspective, Teens
Over the last six months or so, my parents have been installing a new "punishment system." Although that sounds like a Fascist judicial system, it is just how I mentally refer to the ways my parents handle different infractions. The new "system"' seems to be complete, so I thought

When Do You Pick Out Your Clothes?

by Sam P. September 12th, 2012| Teen Perspective, Teens
Now that I am in high school, I find myself doing something that I used to do in kindergarten and elementary school: picking my outfits out the night before. It makes my mornings so much easier! Say I run late one morning, I don't have to worry about trying

Over Padded: From the Teen’s View

by Jacob P. September 4th, 2012| Teen Perspective, Teens
Yesterday, the football gloves I ordered online arrived at my house. I'm pretty excited that they got here, because my hands get destroyed during football season and I couldn't find the gloves I needed in any of the local stores (I play offensive and defensive line, so I needed

End of Summer Checklist

by Sam P. August 29th, 2012| Teen Perspective, Teens
It is almost that time again, school! Nobody wants it to come, but at the same time we are all secretly wishing for it to come quick. And most of us are wishing this so we can see our friends. But in our last few days of summer, check

Eating: From the Teen’s View

by Jacob P. August 20th, 2012| Teen Perspective
There maybe be no childhood stereotype greater than that of the picky little kid. Everyone has seen at least one little kid wrinkle their nose at food, dismayed at the lack of mac and cheese or chicken fingers. Both of my little sisters could fit that stereotype perfectly at