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How to Survive High School

by Sam P. | September 28th, 2012 | Teen Perspective, Teens

Being a ripe high schooler glowing with freshness I may not know everything there is to know about surviving high school, but I do know quite a bit already.

First off, go to your locker between every class. In my grade there are numerous kids who do not even use their locker. Almost all of them are already complaining about their backs hurting. My high school gives us four minutes of passing time. And, given, my high school is miniscule compared to some. But I would hope the students in larger schools are given a few more passing time, at least five minutes, especially if there is more than one building. The trick is not standing in the hallway and gabbing for three minutes. I can go from the gymnasium, down the hallway to the school store and buy a lollipop, go up the stairs and to the other end of the school to my locker, then back to the other side of the school to my next class in about three to four minutes depending on how busy the hallways are. Now, I have only done that once, but you get my point. Either way, try to go to your locker as much as possible. That way you don’t have as much to carry around.

Also, always eat breakfast. I get it, with the pressure to be skinny every girl tries to eat as little as possible, even if that means being starving and distracted during class, or not doing as well in sports because you are lacking the nutrients you would have gotten from breakfast and lunch. But this isn’t necessary. Yes, being healthy is great, but that does not mean starve your self. The trick to maintaining a healthy weight is always eating a healthy breakfast. This can be a bowl of cereal, a fresh fruit smoothie, or a healthy breakfast granola bar and some fruit. Also maintain portion size. Don’t have a breakfast that is just a banana and a lunch that is enormous.

Lastly, do your homework the day it is assigned. If you do double block periods like my high school does you have two days to do your homework. Don’t put it off for the next day, do it the day you get it. That way there is no chance of forgetting you have homework and falling behind on it. Also always write down your homework in your agenda, it makes it so much easier to remember what you have for homework. That way, as well, you won’t become behind on homework.

I hope this will all contribute to your soaring through high school with easy A’s!

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