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Sports, from the Teen’s View

by Jacob P. April 18th, 2009| Teen Perspective
Next time you parents out theretell your children they can't play a sport, I want you to think again. As a teen, I think sports are very good for teens. Read on to hear my thoughts.

First off, sports get teens active! With everyone so worried about the obesity 'crisis' here's

Consistency: Allowance and Bedtime

by Louise March 24th, 2009| Teen Perspective
In many families, the oldest sibling generally deals withthe strictest rules, which is natural becauseparents can be uncertain which liberties should be granted to their children.As a younger sibling, I have reaped the benefits of this phenomenon: when my older sister started receiving allowance I did, too, at the same

Teenage Driving

by B Kenney March 18th, 2009| Teens
Sixteen is the legal driving age in many states. This is probably one of the biggest periods that parents dread when it comes to their children's lives.

A vehicle is often considered a toy by some, when in reality it is more like a couple thousand pound weapon.

So, how do you

Board Games for the Family

by Louise February 18th, 2009| Teen Perspective
My family is really big on playing board games. It is definitely the best way for us to get together and interact, a completely different experience from watching a movie together. Maybe there is someonein your the family who claims to hate board games, but it might be because he

Bedtime Struggles with Tweens and Teens

by Michele January 29th, 2009| Teens, Tweens
With a soon-to-be 13 year old in the house, there have started to be some discussions about bedtimes. On school nights, bedtime doesn't tend to be an issue. He is in bed at 8:30 but can read until 9:00, or later if he can't sleep. The 8-1/2 to 9 hours

It’s…. FAFSA time!!!

by Bea January 20th, 2009| Teens
As most of you who are parents of college students know, it's that time of year--FAFSA time. It is one of the most enjoyable times of the year; a time when you get to fill out tedious amounts of online paperwork, look over those taxes from the previous year (numbers

On My Own

by Bea December 17th, 2008| Teens
By the end of this week, I will have successfully, well depending on how my final exams go, completed my first semester of college.

I will say that college life has been an experience. From learning how to share a room with a complete stranger to figuring out how to balance

College Saga

by Bea October 2nd, 2008| Teens
This is my first year at college. I'm also the first one out of the family's kids to leave for this new stage of my life. This is supposed to be the start of an adventure for me; one in which I start to know what it feels like to

Which AP Exams Are Your Kids Taking?

by Editorial Team May 9th, 2008| Teens
Every year, eager and energetic high school students study for Advanced Placement (AP) exams that will earn college credit for them before they ever step foot in a college classroom. These exams come in dozens of subjects from U.S. History to Physics and from Spanish to Art History.

The College Process: Financial Aid Tip

by Bea April 26th, 2008| Teens
The deadline for me to choose a college is approaching fast. In fact, everything has to be postmarked by May 1st. Last night I finally decided which college I wanted to attend, Northeastern, but then Cornell threw a twist into the situation. Originally, they were not offering any financial aid;